How To Buy a Smart Board

Teachers love Smart Boards, however, in order for one to be really effective in a classroom, the teacher has to be dedicated and willing to make a difference.

What is a Smart Board? It is an interactive touch sensitive board, like a white board or chalk board only better. You electronically write your comments or notes in a format that allows you to save them from page to page and utilize the page again later.

There is more than one company that makes a Smart Board, and they don't come cheap. They can range from $1500 for a portable one to close to $4000 to have one mounted in a classroom.

There is also a Smart Board interactive board, which lets you write on the board and erase easily. It's called touch recognition and it can tell the difference between your finger and a pen. It's an upgrade for the Smart Board. All series 600 boards will come with it, and older boards can be upgraded to it.

Smart Boards work with most any program on the computer that you use with it, for example Microsoft PowerPoint, Word or Excel.

You should purchase your Smart Board from an authorized reseller. Smart Board will not assist with any problems that you may have with a Smart Board purchased from an unauthorized seller.

Let’s talk about the Smart Board interactive whiteboard. The 600i. It offers 3 different sizes of screens. You can add optional speakers, and it has a height adjustable wall mount so you can put it exactly where you need it. It delivers a crisp, clear, bright image so that it is easily visible. It has an improved longer lamp life and also comes in a wide format. It offers a quick start feature that allows you to turn it on and off with a push of a button, allowing you to power up the entire system in as little as 10 seconds.

You should also think of purchasing a cover for your Smart Board. They are specially designed to protect the surface of your Smart Board. They come in 5 sizes that will fit any of your Smart Board purchases, and you can get a cover for your Smart Board table and speakers. They even have an option of letting you put your school or work logo on the cover. They start at about $140 with the speaker covers starting at around $20.


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