How To Calculate the Area of a Shape

Calculating for the area of a given shape is not difficult, once you know how the formula that applies to the specific shape whose area you are trying to get, as well as the steps on how to solve the area using the formula. To compute for the area of a shape, all you will need is a pen, paper, and some measuring equipment. You can also use a calculator to make the computations easier. Here’s how.

Learn the formula. Begin by researching on the various formulas that are used to determine the area of specific shape. For instance, the formula for getting the area of a rectangular or square object is length multiplied by the width. For circles, on the other hand, you need the formula pi multiplied by the square of the radius. For the triangle, on the other hand, you will need the formula base multiplied by height divided by two.

Measure. Next, measure the shape that you are trying to get the area of. For rectangles and other parallelograms, you will only need to get the measurement of the sides. For the circle, on the other hand, you will need the radius. The radius is the line from the edge of the circle to the center of the circle. The pi for the circle area formula is a constant figure found in the calculator, or you can use the basic 3.14. For triangles, on the other hand, you will need to measure the base or the lower part of the rectangle, and the height or the line from the top of the rectangle to the bottom. Keep in mind, however, that the assumption is that the triangle you are measuring has two legs that are of equal length and which forms an angle that is equivalent to each other.

Using the formula. Once you have the measurements ready, the next step is to use this for the formula. For instance, if you have a rectangle that has a width of five and a height of three, the area of the shape should be 15. If you have a circle that has a radius of three, the area of the circle is 3.14 multiplied by three raised to the second power. This gives an area of 28.26. If you have a rectangle with a base of five and a height of 12, you will have an area of 30.

Comparing problems. You can also learn how to solve for the areas of certain shapes easily by looking at sample problems. There are plenty of educational sites on the web which you can check out for sample problems. Study the computations and then try to solve the problems yourself. Apart from this, you should also memorize the basic formulas, and you should also try to research on other shapes, such as spheroids and oblongs, and other polygons.

It may be hard to follow the formulas for solving the areas for shapes at first, but with a little practice you should be able to master the skill and use it to derive areas from any shape easily.


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