How To Choose a Foreign Language

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Whether you have a passion about a language or you simply want to score points with the college of your choice, taking a foreign language is highly recommended. Great, now how do I decide which one to study? Use this article as a checklist of what you should do before you make the decision.

Step 1

Decide which language sounds better.

This first step may sound ridiculous, but many students fall into the trap of taking a language just because their friends are taking it. Think about you. Think about what appeals to you. If the language sounds annoying or it bores you to death, then the class will be a forced and completely useless experience.

Step 2


You must know someone who is currently taking a foreign language. Use them to your advantage. Talk to current students about the class, the level of difficulty, and the teacher. If you are really serious about getting the most you can out of the class, then make sure that you will be getting challenged and that it's not a complete waste of time.

Also, the teacher plays a crucial role in the decision. If you are really excited about taking Spanish, and then you find out that the only experience your teacher has had is a one-time visit to Spain, then you will face bookwork, worksheets, and movies (that you won't understand). Therefore, you need to do your research before it's too late.

Step 3

Think logically.

After all, you must be rational in choosing a language. In the US, Spanish is the predominant foreing language being spoken. Therefore, it might be more useful to you because there is a greater chance of working with someone or meeting a person who speaks Spanish than German, for example. However, if you know that you will study abroad or do something involving German later in life, then it is logical to take it instead of Spanish. Don't let others interfere with your decision; only you know what your passions are, and you are fully capable of making this decision on your own.

After you have decided on a language, really get excited about it. You will be bilingual! Make sure to get all that you can out of the class so you can apply it in future endeavors. It's always nice to have an extra language under your belt. Remember, since a foreign language counts as an elective, colleges like to see that you took something outside of the required academic classes.

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