How To Compare Education in India to Other Countries

You may have wondered about what it is with Indians that they seem to excel in many fields of profession. The business world and information technology field have many of them as successful executives or highly paid experts. Medicine and its allied lines of work also have many of them handling responsible positions. It is definitely not just because they are a more diligent race or that they are inherently an intelligent people. The main reason for this is the education in India itself.

Of course, other countries, especially the industrial powers, have reputable colleges and universities that boast of providing top quality education. However, the best proofs are not only in the number of years a school has been operating. Neither is it in the location of the education institute. The following shows how India fares in education when compared to other countries.

  • In terms of literacy, India is one of those at the top of the world rankings. In fact, Indians are known to be avid readers. According to a survey, an Indian reads an average of almost 11 hours a week. This makes Indians the biggest readers in the world. Next to them are the Thais and then the Chinese. Interestingly, the US is not even in the top 10.
  • For a college course, India also has an edge. The country ranks second only to the US in terms of the number of students enrolled in universities according to statistics gathered by UNESCO. This can reflect the number of professionals being produced by the country’s great educational system.
  • Its educational system gives special emphasis on mathematics, while many countries do not, including the US. This trains Indian students to think better in a rational and logical manner. Hence, this makes them capable of dealing with more complicated problems in college and in their careers. It is not surprising why in terms of giving out science and technology-related college diplomas, India is taking the lead.
  • The most concrete proof of why it has a better educational system is the quality of human resources it has. A study by AT Kearney has shown that India ranks at the top when it comes to the availability of a skilled and talented workforce. To find out the quality of a degree holder in BBA, India can just present the effectiveness of its educated pool of professionals.
  • Finally, with education being outsourced nowadays, more people around the world have made Indian education an option. For bachelor's degrees and MBAs, India has a stock of qualified teaching personnel.

With all these advantages education in India offers, even foreign nationals have become interested in studying there. However, India has opened opportunities for those who cannot travel to the country to study for a college degree. Some institutions provide education through the Internet with the same quality and content particular to the Indian educational system.


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