How To Create a Graduation Memory Board

Graduation is a triumphant moment in any student’s life. As you embark on a new life journey, take with you some memories by creating your own graduation memory board.  Bring out your most memorable items and get ready to relive the good ol’ days by piecing together a tribute to your glory days!

  • Prepare the necessary materials. For this project you will need a corkboard or a bulletin board, your school mementos, colored paper, decorative detail such as stickers and ribbons, coloring materials, a box of thumbtacks and scissors.
  • Decide on which mementos to use. Start by organizing the items you want to see on your memory board. These could be personal photos, school programs, report cards, excuse letters, notes from friends and additional items that have played a role in your student life.
  • Conceptualize and design your board. Using your chosen mementos, move them around the board until you are happy with their arrangement. Test out different combinations and angles before deciding for best results. Incorporate your creative flare by using some colored paper and materials to give your board some spunk and inventiveness. Cut out your pictures into different shapes and place them strategically on your board. You can also add captions beneath them to point out a specific memory or idea. Remember to leave a free corner for graduate’s tassel.
  • Finalize your board’s design. After deciding on the arrangement of your board, hold the items into place with the use of thumbtacks and glue. You can also attach your pictures and other light pieces on colored pieces before placing them on the board.
  • Add the finishing touches. Once the glue has dried, go over your memory board to see if there are certain areas that need retouching. Use additional decorative detail such as stickers or ribbons to cover up empty spaces between pictures and keepsakes. Remember to cover all spaces to make your collage stand out.
  • Display your memory board. Most corkboards and bulletin boards come with an adhesive that allows them to stick on certain surfaces. A short trip to the hardware store will help you go about displaying your memory board on harder surfaces like walls and closets. Remember to display your memory board somewhere you can have access to. That way, you can always look back at all the wonderful memories you have had.

Memory boards operate in a similar manner to scrapbooks. Unlike the scrapbook, memory boards are displayed on harder surfaces like walls, doors or closets. Their much larger size allows for the use of more pictures and other important keepsakes and souvenirs.


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