How To Create a Preschool Classroom Schedule

Preschoolers, at their young minds, need to understand classroom schedule for them to be comfortable and interested inside the class. Without activities to expect, there are higher chances that young children will not cooperate in school. Hence, as a teacher, you must develop a good classroom schedule for the benefit of the children.

It is important for you to know that making a classroom schedule is not all about thinking of activities and putting them altogether. Since children are sensitive to time and fun, it is necessary that you only create a friendly schedule for them. Here’s a guide in creating a classroom schedule in a preschool:

  • Open the day. It is a good idea to begin the day where the whole class will sit together in their individual carpets. This is the perfect timing to discuss activities for the whole day, talk about the weather, sing a song or two, review lessons, and the like.
  • Go for group activities. Think of group activities that you can introduce to the children. Activities can vary day after day depending on your lesson plan or your class theme. Some examples of great group activities include art projects, literacy games, science projects, and math games.
  • Designate a time for free play. It is essential that you devote a time in a day for children to do whatever they wish to do. To support this time of the day, prepare different toys that are appropriate to the age of the children. Stack up on things such as building blocks, puzzles, sand table, markers, cards, costumes, and the like.
  • Schedule a nap time. Young children need to rest and relax during the day. Hence, don't forget to let them nap for around two hours in the afternoon. Provide each child with sleeping mat, play a soft music, and dim the classroom lights.
  • Include outdoor activities. Have the children play outdoors at least twice a day. The best time to do this is before lunch time and later in the afternoon. However, make sure that the outdoor area is safe and secure for the children. Most of the time, the children will enjoy jumping and running outdoors so make sure to have a good space outside.
  • Promote clean-up time. Ask the children to help you in cleaning up the classroom such as picking up and arranging books and toys that were used for the day. This is not only for the purpose of making your job easier but also for teaching the children to work together and improve their organizational skills.
  • End the day. An ideal final activity for the day is story telling. Tell them a good story or read them a book while waiting for their parents to pick them up. This will help them to be relaxed and get them ready to go home.

It is essential that you create a great schedule for the children in the classroom. It is your schedule that will make the children productive all throughout the day. Plus, the schedule is the one that will encourage the preschool children to be in school the following day and the days after that.


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