How To Create a Social Studies Lesson Plan

Social studies is a combined discipline of social sciences and humanities. In order for teachers to teach this subject or any subject in particular, they first have to come up with a lesson plan. A lesson plan is an organized outline that guides teachers in teaching the assigned lesson for the day. Lesson plans are very useful especially to social studies teachers or social teachers in teaching the subject to social students since it has a wider scope compared with other academic disciplines. 

Here are steps on how to create a social studies lesson plan:

  1. Identify the topic you will be teaching. Since every school follows a particular curriculum, you won’ have a hard time identifying the topic you will be teaching for the day. In identifying the social lessons you will be teaching, make sure to know the grade level of your students so that the lessons and the particular grade studies will coincide. It is also essential to know the duration of a class so that you can manage the time wisely.
  2. Know your objectives. After determining the lesson to be taught, you are now ready to set the objectives. Ask yourself questions like: what should the students learn by the end of the class? What is the significance of the lesson? How will they be able to apply the lessons learned in real life? These questions will help you identify your objectives for the particular lesson.
  3. Define key terms. You should be able to identify and define key terms that you will be using for the particular topic. This will help you remember the important terms the students must learn for that particular session.
  4. List materials. Think of the materials you will need to discuss the lesson like LCD monitors, stereo, laptop, etc. You may review this list after the whole lesson plan is done so that you can include the materials that will be needed in the activities.
  5. Formulate an effective introduction. The key to winning your student’s attention is to formulate an effective introduction. Make sure to catch their interest so that they will be encouraged to participate in the whole activity. Make sure that the chosen way of introducing the topic should match the social grade level of your students for them to be able to relate.
  6. Determine the method of teaching. It is also important to determine what kind of teaching method you want to use to impart the lesson to your students. You can have a simple lecture or a group discussion before proceeding to an activity. Devising an activity is very crucial for the student’s learning since they must apply what they have learned from the discussion.
  7. Devise an effective activity. All students should participate in the activity you will be presenting. Their participation is important because it will help you assess whether or not they learned something from the discussion. You can do this in a form of a game or a group project. This will serve as the application part of the whole learning process.
  8. Evaluate. The last step that should be seen in your lesson plan is the evaluation. After the activity there should be an evaluation so that you can assess if the activity was effective or not. The students will also play a major role during the evaluation process.

These steps can be used by teachers to make an effective lesson plan. They should be creative in doing this so that they can educate students well in social studies and in any other subjects.


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