How To Deal with Bullies as a Child

Strategies to Fight Bullying the Right Way

Mankind has been plagued by a growing problem that has been infecting our society for thoushands of years. What is this problem? It is know as bullying. Adults have a hard time dealing with this attitude and the trauma linked to it for years on end. In fact, criminal minds have been known as either bullies or victims of bullying. Either way, most people don't seem to have all the tools needed to put a stop to it, which is why schools have decided to take matters in their own hands.

You see, educators believe that bullying must be nipped in the bud. And it can start as early as Kindergarten. Bullies come in all ages. The younger a child is when he learns right from wrong and how to react appropriately to difficult situations without affecting others negatively, the better the chance is that he doesn't become a bully.

But what if you are a child? Here are some strategies to show you how to deal with bullies when you are a child! Before reading the following strategies, always keep in mind that a bully is not stronger than you, but is in fact a coward that looks for someone smaller or that seems weaker to put down in order to feel good themselves.

  1. Keep your cool! The bully will try anything to make you cry or stir up your anger. Stay in control of your reactions. If you give the bully what he wants, you also give him power over you. Ignore his comments as you know they are lies. If you feel that you need help to stay in control of your emotions, ask someone to walk with you when you know you'll see the bully, or, even better, walk awith a group. Bullies are not as likely to face more than one person at a time, as they have less power in that situation.
  2. Speak up! When facing a bully, look him straight in the eyes before speaking up! Bullies prefer victims who look at the ground, offering submission. Speak up but do not attack verbally or stoop as low as him by using the same type of intimidation. Two wrongs don't make a right! Tell him to stop and that what he is doing is wrong.
  3. Break the cycle! If the bully doesn't stop, get some help from an adult! Bullies are natural cowards, so facing an adult is too much for them to handle. Don't worry about his threats. If the bully threatens you, let the adult know about the threats. The more often you break the bully's cycle of intimidation, the more his power will lessen. Let the bully know that his actions will not go unpunished!
  4. A team has more power than a loner! If you witness someone bullying someone else, tell them to stop. If the bully ignores you, go get some help. The more people that stand up to bullying, the less power bullies will have and enjoy. Also, if everyone gets involved in fighting agains bullying, bullies hate to be the odd ones out so they will make some changes.

As you can see, these are the main strategies that are used in schools in order to teach students how to deal with bullies. These strategies have been responsible for a diminishing amount of bullying in elementary schools. Of course, there is still a lot of work to do, but educators, such as myself, believe that these strategies will continue to decrease the amount of bullying as time goes by and as children become well-equipped in tools used to fight bullying.


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