How To Determine Reading Levels

As your child develops, his reading skills develop as well, thus increasing his reading and comprehension levels. Well, this will basically depend on the books he reads which are why it is critical for you to allow him to read books appropriate for his reading level. Getting him books that are way below his reading level can only stunt his reading development. Getting books that are way too advanced can hinder his development as well and may even lower his self esteem in the process. On this note, it is quite crucial for every parent to determine the reading level of his or her child. At the same time, each parent should always provide books to a child appropriate to his reading level. Here are some tips on how you can determine the reading levels of a child and a book.

The Child

  • Ask the school. Schools require teachers to conduct regular reading and comprehension tests to their students to determine their reading levels. As a parent, you will want to get this information from them every so often in order to assess the development of your child. This will actually let you know if the child needs additional tutelage or not. Normally, the reading levels from these assessment tests will be compared to the standards for the child’s age. Ask the assistance of your kid’s teacher to help you determine the reading level of your child. They are in the best position to provide you the accurate information you need.
  • Conduct your own tests. Another way to determine your child’s reading level is by conducting the tests on him yourself. This can be done by downloading and printing reading assessment tests online. The Internet is teeming with websites featuring standardized reading assessment tests and tools that you can use. Most of these are free. To find them, simply use Google and execute a quick search however, you may want to check out The assessment tools on this website are normally used by most schools and are considered a standard. Another site you can visit is You can download and print these tests as well as a scoring chart in order to gauge the reading efficiency of your child.

The Book

  • Check the book. Assuming that you already know the precise reading level of your child, whenever you get a new book for your child to read, make sure to check the front, side, or back cover of the book. Normally, children’s books will have the reading level of the book detailed on the cover. Compare the reading level of the book to the level of the child to see if the book is appropriate.
  • Compare it with a reading level graph. Another way to determine the reading level of a book is by doing the assessment yourself. First off, download a copy of the “Fry’s Readability Graph” from as this will be the chart that you will use to determine the reading level of the book. Once you have a copy, get the book in question and start taking down 3 passages of about 100 words each. On each passage, add up all the syllables found and use the chart to determine the reading level of each passage. Find the average level of all 3 passages on the chart to determine the true readability level of the book.

If you are looking to optimize your child’s reading development, make sure that you are aware of your child’s reading level and the readability level of the books you give her. The methods mentioned above should help you do just that.


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