How To Do a Solar System Activity

There are various ways to make educational activities fun for kids. The brain absorbs more information if learning is not forced. You can set up an activity that will not only teach the kids about the lessons they need to learn in Social Studies, Economic Studies and Science but also make it enjoyable for them. In learning the Solar System for example, you can have them do an activity called Label the Solar System. Here are the steps for how to do this:

  1. Create a drawing of the solar system. Make sure that each element on the drawing is big enough for coloring.
  2. Make a list of definitions for each element on the drawing you have created. Example: Sun is the center of the Solar System, Earth is the third planet from the sun and it is where we live. It is important that definitions that you give can be of help to find its rightful place in the diagram you have created.
  3. Along with the list of definitions, create a list of legends for the colors, which each element should be colored with. Putting colors in your diagram will not only make it look good but it is a fun way for the kids to learn.
  4. Place arrows in each element where your kid can put labels on each element. This way, it will be easier to recall when labels are in place as well as the color coding of each element.
  5. On top of the diagram you have created, place the instructions your kid has to follow in order to accomplish the activity that you have set for him. Make sure your instructions are clear for him to follow. Usually vague instructions can be very confusing to the child and will lead to incorrect execution.

A follow up activity for this would be going out at night on a clear night armed with a telescope and pointing out the planets that may be seen. If, however a telescope is not available, you can still do this but just point out the visible constellations that can be seen by the naked eye. You can then explain the part of the constellations in the Solar System. This way, the activity that you have performed will make a mark on your kid and he will be able to recall the lessons that he has learned from it. What is mentioned here is just an example of how you can make learning fun for your child. There are still a lot of activities that can make education enjoyable. Activities are not limited to things that you can do inside the confines of your house, but also outside. Children find it more enjoyable when they are out. Unfortunately, this may be an added problem for you since things outside can easily distract them. However this can be seen as a challenge to you and you can create activities that can capture the interest and the focus of your child. Activities can be a great bonding experience for you and your child as well as a learning experience for him.


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