How To Do Crafts for Kids Using Decorative Paper

Kids, with their boundless imaginations, can turn a bunch of decorative paper strips and scraps into artful designs. If you are hoping to be an art teacher or just want to be a generous friend to little kids, this is your chance to share the joy of crafts using decorative paper. The following websites and their short descriptions will give you a bird’s eye view where to start.

To begin, prepare available materials found in the house or in your neighborhood. You might be surprised that the things that we commonly disregard and take for granted, are quite useful crafts projects. These include packing styrofoams, strings, ropes, old paint, paper bags, paper glue, cartons, thick paper, cardboard boxes, paintbrush, plastic sheets, plastic bags, crayons, and so on. You might consider looking over the shade of colors when preparing the colors you need. Learn about combining colors at this site: This will help you minimize the need to buy more crayons or paint for other shades you need.

Be extra careful with the scissors and other tools that have sharp edges. You might need another adult to help you supervise the kids in making the crafts. With care, remind the children often to not run around or play with scissors.

Here are some useful sites:

  • offers a wide range of crafts for your kids. The choices range from African arts and animals crafts to World Environment day. Almost any theme you could need are there. They offer step-by-step guides in paper art crafts. With all the rich information in store, what could ever possibly go wrong? The educational website also has a category which concerns the age of your participants, from toddlers, preschool, kindergarten to big kids.
  • DLTK's Crafts for Kids has a rich archive of variety of fun including printed paper, coloring prints and several crafts for holidays. Favorite cartoon characters and educational themes are easy to prepare with child friendly instructions. They sport alphabet crafts, Bible crafts and culture crafts from around the world. The site is a terrific source for parents who might consider craft making to stimulate young children to become engaged in art and and begin to appreciate the aesthetic aspects of the world around them.
  • When reading step-by-step instructions confuses you and does not do any good, you might as well try this website. Aside from the traditional online tutorials of how-to-dos, this educational site has high quality videos in the creating the crafts with very little effort. This tool is great for people and most kids who cannot simply understand the basics of procedures. Look, follow and create. It is just that simple.
  • The video quality of the tutorials are clearer than the former and they give more emphasis on watch-and-follow procedures rather than reading text instructions. The paper crafts on video ranges from on video, for crafters of all ages. Most of the materials are recycled, child-friendly, and environmentally healthy. These include construction paper, ribbons, pipe cleaners, old fabrics and many more.


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