How To Encourage Students to Start Reading Books

Reading books is a popular habit taken up by some students, yet others do not seem to engage in reading books because they find it boring. That is why you need to encourage those students to begin reading books, since reading improves their knowledge and vocabulary to a large extent, helps them to relax and makes them to be confident in communicating with other people.

Here are some suggestions on how you could encourage your students to start reading books.

  1. Know your students attitude towards reading. According to research, how a student feels about reading is a very important element to consider in encouraging him to start reading. As a teacher, you have to know what kinds of books do interest your learners. You yourself must show that you are fond of reading too, for your students to like reading as much as you do. A positive reinforcement from the educators is a great help for the children to really like reading a lot.
  2. Do not force learners to read. It is not right to force a child to read, because if you do so, you will not gain any positive results. Reading should not be obligatory on the part of every student. Learners should not be obliged to read books everyday, chiefly if it is a required reading for enjoyment's sake. It is best that you schedule a time wherein every child will take time to read, so that even if some of the students are laggard to read, they will still read since they are fully aware that such time is truly allotted for reading. Allow them also to choose and read the material of their interest.
  3. Read aloud to your students and choose the right reading material that suits their interest and level. One of the most excellent ways to get your learners total attention in reading is by reading books to them and by ensuring that the book matches their level of comprehension. In this way, you will be able to let them experience the excitement of acquiring new learning.
  4. Ask your learners about the books that they like to read. As a teacher it is your job to talk about reading to your students regularly. You have to know what kind of texts does each child like to read best. Does the child like to read fiction or non-fiction book? By knowing the type of book the child enjoys to read, it will be easy for you to provide or advice him or her of what good book to read and help the learner increase the time he spends for reading books.
  5. Know your student's reading habits. Determine the reading habits of your learners by asking their family members on how frequent do they read books at home. In this way, you will get information on how you can help them to increase their interest in reading books.

Indeed, you can make reading a natural extension once you know the topic or text your student cares to read. It is worth developing the child's enthusiasm in reading, since it will provide the child a benefit in all areas of his or her life.


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