How To Erase Old Marks Off a Dry Erase Board

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Once you begin using a white board or a dry-erase board, you will have noticed that it never regains the pristine whiteness it had when it was brand new. How and with what material can you clean your board and leave it looking brand new and sparkling? What cleaner or method you will use will depend on the type of whiteboard you have. Make sure to follow the cleaning instructions which come with your whiteboard for best results. Some handy tips are listed down here...

Helpful and handy hints for cleaning:

  1. A dry erase marker - This is probably the easiest method to remove old leftover marks. With a dry erase marker, write over all the visible marks on the board, then use a regular dry eraser to erase out all the areas you've written over and, Voila! You have a clean white board again.
  2. Ammonia - Ammonia is good for boards that require cleaning with a liquid. Take care however, not to breathe in the fumes; it can cause irritation in your lungs and airways.
  3. Vinegar and water - This is one of the easiest methods of cleaning a dry erase board and the ingredients are handy and easily available.
  4. Peroxide - Another good cleanser, it does a superb job of clearing marks made by permanent marker pens.
  5. Deodorant spray - Spray a little bit on the area to be cleaned and wipe off with a clean tissue.
  6. Household and commercial cleaners - Some of the common household or commercially used cleaners such as Orange Goop, Oxy Clean, Cameo, Comet, car wax, or neutral shoe polish all work pretty well on old marks on the board. Use them as directed and rub off with a clean cloth.
  7. Toothpaste - Ordinary white toothpaste smeared over the marks and then cleaned off with a wet cloth works almost as well as a dry erase marker.
  8. Hand towelettes or baby wipes - Wet tissues such as these are also good cleaners for getting marks off your whiteboard. Simply wipe across the marks with a wet tissue, scrubbing a little more vigorously on stubborn parts.
  9. Other materials - There are plenty of other materials that you can use to clean off marks from your board. Rubbing alcohol, coffee, sunscreen, hairspray, brass polish, lighter fuel, etc on a paper towel or soft cloth also do the cleaning jobs very well on a dry erase board.

Remember, the type of board you use will decide which of the above cleaning methods you will be most likely to use. Follow the cleaning instructions that come with the whiteboard for best results. When using household cleaners that contain chemicals, or when using ammonia or peroxide, be very cautious; wear gloves, do not mix one cleaner with the other and use these products exactly as advertised or mentioned on product labels.


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