How To Find a Special Education Program

A special education program is one that is planned for students with special learning disorders.   Developmental learning disabilities when they occur are usually not limited to difficulties in learning just one subject.  Since  English, Math, Science, Reading and other subjects are not only taught in separate classrooms, but also as requiring different learning skills, students who show a weak aptitude in any of these areas are tested specifically in that area.  If the psychologist diagnoses a learning disability in one or more subjects, the student is classified as qualified for a learning disabilities classroom.

These classrooms are sometimes a part of the normal school in physical location.  If they are located in the same high school,  they are usually found in one wing of the school.  If the school district has a building just for learning disabilities, those students who qualify are usually bused to their school.  If you are wondering how to find a special education program for your student, the place to ask is at the local board of education.  You can also be assisted by calling the local high school and asking to talk to the guidance counselor.  The familiar term for these learning disabilities classes are LD classrooms.  The teachers in these classrooms have had special training in meeting the needs of special students.

If your student has more than just learning disabilities and also has physical disabilities, state funded programs to meet their needs are available and can be arranged through the local board of education.  In some parts of the country, there are private clinics and schools that can help a learning disabled student.  These classes meet the needs of learning disabilities students, offer private testing and focused attention on helping to correct or to teach the student to cope with his learning disability.  Reading disorders are often classified under mental disorders or disorders of the brain as in dyslexia.  There is help for students who have been diagnosed with those learning disorders.

The first place to look in your search on how to find a special education program is with your local school.  The second place is with pediatricians who can also be of help in directing the parent of a special needs student.  The third place is with private learning disability schools and associations.  Many universities that offer teacher training classes are also a good place to look for special education program.  Since they teach people how to develop and to implement special education programs, they have people on staff who will be able to direct you.


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