How To Find a Student Science Activity Online

The worldwide web is rich in information and is a very educational tool for all kinds of people. Just a few years ago, it would take plenty of materials and visual aids to present science to kids. Nowadays, with the very accessible and easy to use internet, kids can learn and be entertained at the same time. Here are sites you can check out to find student science activities.

1.      Check out Exploratorium. The activities in this website include making a solar system and knowing your weight on other places outside the earth. There are also sections in exploring planet earth, biology and the physiology of the human body. The way it is presented looks very interesting and enjoyable to kids so they will be curious and yearn for more knowledge without them being conscious about it. Other things to discover here are the food experiments, application of physics in layman's terms, brain functions and the unique characteristics of living things.

2.      Visit Questacon. There are two types of activities in this site: instructions on do-it-yourself experiments, and interactive online activities. The experiments featured are easy to carry out because the materials required can be found at home. You can also see different types of optical illusions that will surely amaze you. The creative use of lines, shapes and colors can change the perception of an image. There are also games and puzzles to play in this website. The puzzles will test how you think and analyze, while a variety of games can relax and let you enjoy. Examples are building roller coasters and solving family problems. The problems include also mathematical challenges. 

3.      Visit Scholastic. Kids of all levels can enjoy this website because the activities are arranged according to level in elementary. You can learn everything from building airplanes, dinosaurs and even caterpillar models. This website also encourages children to understand climate change, rainforest, animals and space. There are educational songs that explain matter, insects and animals. There are also quizzes that will test if you have learned something after the online activity.

4.      Check out Engaging Science. Through games, this website will help you explore and experience the following:

  • The ocean world and all the life underwater.
  • Space world and earth science. This includes the phases of moon.
  • All about the life and physical science that surrounds you.

5.      Visit Apples for the Teacher. Learning in this website is done through the use of instructional videos. The Word Search activity is also helpful in classifying animals. The word search game is also applied in groupings of plants, weather and parts of the body. There are also coloring pages and nursery rhyme activities for different branches of science.

With these science activities, you can begin to teach your students the basic principles of science, while keeping them entertained and interested. With the many activities to choose from, you can be sure that your class will have plenty of educational activities to undertake for a long time.


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