How To Find a Teaching Job in Elementary School

These days, finding a job can be frustrating. And finding an elementary teaching job isn't any easier. Of course, you already know that you'll need the proper certifications - but did you know you can get your teaching degree online?

Even with the right qualifications, you are probably struggling to find a teaching job.  Before you give up on your career as an educator, consider these tips on how to find a teaching job in elementary school.

Step 1

Lay out your goals. Before you even start applying for a teaching job in elementary school, you need to know what grade you want to teach. Do you prefer younger students? Or are you more comfortable around older students? Decide what age and grade levels you'd prefer to teach in elementary school so that you can look for those types of teaching jobs.

Step 2

Talk to the school district. Once you know what grade you want to teach, you should find the contact information for the school districts you want to teach in. Look up the Human Resources department  in any district that interests you. Then call them to find out what is involved in the teaching job application procedure for their specific district. (Yes, some districts have different procedures!) Make sure you know about any specific applications you need to submit, any qualifications you need to prove, or any forms you need to have filled out. Then take care to ensure that you have completed all of these so that when it comes time to apply to elementary teaching jobs, you'll be prepared.

Step 3

Look for teaching jobs online. Teaching jobs in elementary schools will be posted on the internet. There isn't one specific site that you can head to when looking for a teaching job. So you'll have to browse several different sites. And you'll have to browse them frequently. These sites are updated daily, if not hourly, so employment opportunities will always be coming and going. Check back often for the most chances at finding a teaching job in an elementary school.

Here's a popular website to start your job search:

Step 4

Attend job fairs. You might also have some luck finding a teaching job by attending job fairs. You can meet face to face with principals and teachers. This is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door by making a great first impression. Don't forget to take your professional portfolio with you to any interview or job fair that you attend.

Step 5

Complete the application process properly. When elementary teaching jobs become available that interest you, take special care to fill out all forms and applications properly. You don't want your application to be overlooked because of incomplete paperwork. As well, submit a personalized cover letter and an up-to-date résumé to each teaching job that you apply to. Generic applications are not the ones that will get you hired. (It may also be helpful to ‘blind' apply by just dropping off applications to any school you're interested in working at. Ask them to keep your résumé on file in case any elementary teaching opportunities come up.)

Step 6

Ace the interview. If you are called in for an interview, you've got your foot in the door but you really need to shine in order to beat out the other candidates. Start by dressing professionally, showing up early, and being prepared.  Online schools often offer their students interview coaching - take advantage of this service if it's available! Review the school's history, know your curriculum guidelines, and rehearse common interview questions. With a great (and flawless) résumé and a little bit of patience, you should be able to find a teaching job within an elementary school before too long.


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