How To Find Motivation to Do Your Homework

If you find yourself losing the motivation to do your homework, you are not alone. Many students procrastinate about doing their homework, either finishing it at the last minute or not at all. If you want to get good grades, of course, you must do your homework. Here's how to find the motivation:

  1. Get enough rest. If you are too tired, you'll just want to watch television instead of thinking about your homework. Plus, you'll have a much easier time remembering what you've read if you are well rested.
  2. Turn off the distractions. Turn off the music and television. If you don't need your computer or the internet for your homework, turn it off as well. Make sure your study area is free from distractions. You'll be able to finish your homework much faster if there is nothing to keep you from it.
  3. Start right away. Doing your homework right after you get home can keep you from falling into the trap of endless hours of distractions. Plus, the material you've learned will still be fresh in your mind. Although it may not be popular to do your homework on a Friday night, you'll have the rest of the weekend free.
  4. Gather your materials. Make sure you have pens, pencil, paper, and books, as well as any other materials you need, before you start. If you have to go down to the kitchen for a pencil halfway through, you'll easily get distracted and avoid finishing your homework. You may also want to gather a few snacks so you don't have to leave your study area when you get hungry.
  5. Create a schedule. Write all of your assignments on a checklist. Plan out when you will do each part of the assignment. Split them into small parts, so that you can feel good about completing each part. It can be much easier to tackle a big assignment or project once you've split it into manageable pieces.
  6. Reward yourself. Once each goal is met, reward yourself. Don't use this as an excuse to get back to your TV show or videogame, but it's acceptable to take a short break every once in awhile. Promise yourself that after you finish your assignment, you can read your new magazine or watch your favorite show.

Homework can be boring, but it's a necessary evil if you want to pass your classes. The hardest part to finding the motivation to do your homework is just to get started on it. Once you make a plan to finish your homework, stick to it. Everyone seems to procrastinate, but you'll feel a lot better if you get it done right away. Then you'll be able to hang out, watch TV and play video games without your homework hanging over your head.


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