How To Find Online Property Management Courses

If you have several rental units at the moment and need some time to do your daily job as well, a property manager can come in handy for you. Let your property manager do all the work for you and enjoy the comfort of receiving your rental check every month while sipping tequila on a hot Caribbean summer vacation. Numerous real estate agents nowadays specialize not only in selling real estate properties. Finishing property management courses has also been a fad among them for extra income.

There are two basic types of property managers, namely commercial property managers and residential property managers. A residential property manager supervises single family houses, condominium units and townhouses for lease. On the other hand, a commercial property manager deals more with commercial estates like retail spaces, office buildings, storage warehouses and industrial facilities.

As a certified property manager, you are a liaison between the property owner and the tenants. Property managers act as an intermediary. You protect the interests of the landlords & tenants and maintain a harmonious relationship with them as well.

What are some of the duties and responsibilities of a property manager?

  • Advertising and marketing properties (residential, commercial, etc.)
  • Accepting rent payments, arranging security deposits
  • Settling contract agreements
  • Explaining lease terms to tenants and landlords
  • Identifying and solving maintenance issues
  • Acting as the buffer and mediator between both parties' needs and concerns

Aside from these basic functions, a property manager also deals with the finances and accounts of real estate properties and can take part in litigations with tenants, insurance agencies and contractors. Property management requirements would include a certification and a real estate licensure.

There are property management courses offered on the Internet nowadays. So location wouldn't matter that much right now. You can be at home or at work and still have these property management classes online. Here are some sites that may be helpful for you to earn that property management certification:

  • Allied Schools Property Management. They have offices in California and in Toronto, Canada.  You can always enroll online, whether you are in Ontario or in the US. Their property management training will include relevant subjects such as property analysis, marketing, property management, economics, legal issues, tenant relations and a lot more. Click on for details.
  • They offer property management online that will help you learn the basics, like the policies given to tenants and landlords, how to calculate the right security deposit, tips on how to be efficient with your property management business and keys on how to improve cash flow from your own business. Click on
  • PCD Institute (Professional Career Development Institute). The institution now features property management courses in one of its business programs. Their course includes preparing you for daily operations, property repair & maintenance and how you can maximize your own return of investment. Click on

Enrolling in property management courses would be a great advantage for you as a realtor.  


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