How To Find Social Studies Teaching Resources

Teaching resources for Social Studies provide teachers with ideas that can help them with preparing their lessons about the subject. Social Studies is defined as the study of human society. This school subject is offered in curricula for all levels of learning, from primary to tertiary.

For primary students, the subject of social studies mostly discusses the family and the local community. In high school, the subject becomes more specific and oriented with different branches of social sciences such as history and sociology. It may also be integrated in the tertiary level, but it depends on the course the student is taking.

Here are ways to find teaching resources for Social Studies.

  • Check the books that you use for the Social Studies class. Browsing through your curriculum's Social Studies books is a guide to ideas to look for when searching for teaching resources. Aside from its availability, it can also enable the students to follow what is being discussed in class. They can also have the opportunity to review what has been taught. The teacher can also assign future lessons to students so that there can be active participation from everyone.
  • Browse the Internet. The Internet is a great source to look for teaching resources. It is where many teaching ideas can be used as a basis for making lesson plans and activities for social studies students. It can also provide social studies teachers with more initiatives on how to make the lessons more appealing to the students. An example of this is the website. Created by Dr. Marty Levine, he has collected teaching resources to help other teachers.
  • Search the library. The library is one of the most common and traditional places to find resources for teaching materials. Its convenience as well as its large selection of books and other reading materials makes it the most widely used resource facility. For finding teaching resources for Social Studies, try to locate the social sciences section. Then look through the categories and check the available teaching resources. This can also be made as an activity or project for students to allow them to explore the library and give them an idea on how to research.
  • Look through the newspapers. The newspaper is a good source of information on current events. It is a good item to use when looking for a teaching resource. This is because current events are connected with history, and that makes it a great subject for a Social Studies class. It can also be used as a class activity wherein the students are required to bring a news article clipping regarding a current event. This activity can also raise the students’ awareness regarding what is happening in the world.

Learning Social Studies can be fun with the use of effective teaching resources.  If you need guidance, you can learn how to find and utilize these resources by taking online classes in education.  With these resources, it is possible for the students to achieve first-rate studies in this subject whatever grade level they are.


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