How To Find Templates for Lesson Plans

An effective and properly written lesson plan can be a teacher’s best friend. It makes a teacher’s life organized. However, writing an effective lesson plan requires consistency with the curriculum that your school has established. To write an effective lesson plan you first need to have a simple, yet effective guideline. For this purpose, you can use Lesson Plan Templates. These templates should result in well thought-out and organized lesson plans.

There are hundreds of lesson plan templates available online, and here are a few tips in choosing the right ones.

Determine your grade level. Each template may differ according to the grade level you are creating a lesson plan for. While the subject matter for most grade levels would be the same, the level of difficulty for each subject area might be different. The program of study in a certain academic subject might cover generic areas, but a lesson plan needs to be as specific as to the exact skills and knowledge that will be expected of students.

Determine the subject you are going to teach. Lesson plan templates can also vary according to the subject you are going teach. The more extensive the subject matter, the more detailed a lesson plan template will you need. For example a lesson plan template for mathematics may include special categories catering to specialized topics. The same goes for a template for science or history.

Determine whether you want an overall lesson plan template or a weekly lesson plan template. Lesson plans templates differ vastly depending on the duration of the lesson plan you want to make. If you want to make an overall lesson plan for the subject you teach, then you will need a more extensive lesson plan template, covering all the weeks or months for the course. If you decide to make a lesson plan on a weekly basis, then such templates vary between one to two pages. You can even use a daily lesson plan, in which each day’s activities are laid out. For instance, lesson plan templates are also available on Microsoft Word, and these offers both overall and weekly templates.

Determine whether you want to use a print out version or a software tool. There are many software tools that help teachers plan their lessons. Some lesson plan templates are downloadable charts, in which you will fill in the information based on your school’s curriculum. Some lesson plan templates are already filled in with general information from most state curricula. Although most of these tools allow print outs of the lesson plans after you have finalized them, some teachers might prefer to keep only soft copies of lesson plans to save on paper, and so these can be shared with other teachers online.

Lesson plan templates make it increasingly easier for teachers to develop effective lesson plans, and to share information with one another. They provide you with step by step guidelines as to what you need in making education more effective and organized, both for the teacher and student.


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