How To Find X-Ray Technician Schools

Are you thinking about going to school to become an x-ray technician? For your schooling, you will have your choice of a four-year college or university, a technical school, or even a hospital. 

It's possible to gain your certificate to become an x-ray technician in as little as one year - but the more training and schooling you have, the better chance you have to obtain a higher paying job. You can obtain an Associate degree in as little as two years; a Bachelor's degree takes about four years. The most common degree is the two-year Associate degree. If by any chance you will want to move up the ranks into management or as a supervisor, you will need to obtain a four-year Bachelor's degree.

During the training you will learn how to use radiographic equipment and how to get your patients ready for their x-rays. In the classroom you will be studying Radiation Physics, Anatomy, Physiology, Radiology and Pathology.

After you have earned your certificate or degree to become an x-ray technician, you will have the ability to work in a hospital or a lab that has the x-ray equipment. You don't have to be registered by your state to be employed, but most employers do require registration for their employees. To continue your education after graduation you will need to have 24 hours of further education every other year so you can keep up with any changes or advances in the health field.

The area of the country that you live in will help determine how much yearly income you can expect from becoming an x-ray technician. If you live in a large urban center or a small town, that will usually be a factor. If you live in a large city and attend a one year x-ray technician school, you will average about $56,000 a year for a starting salary. However, if you decide to further your education as an x-ray technician and obtain your Bachelor's degree you will average slightly higher - about $63,000 a year.

There are a few schools which are ranked at the top of the nation's x-ray technician schools; these are The University of Phoenix, DeVry University, South University, Kaplan University, Virginia College, Keiser University, Independence College and Penn Foster College. With so many schools to choose, from you are sure to find one which meets your needs.


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