How To Get Classroom Help from an Education Foundation

George Washington Carver once mentioned that education makes individuals seek to help all people, regardless of race, condition and color. An educational institution and its teachers then have the obligation to seek help from an education foundation when their resources are not capable of providing education to its students.

Education is one of the basic rights of children. It is therefore the duty of educational institutions and its stakeholders to provide the quality education that each child deserves. Education foundations provide support to schools as well as students so that education is achieved. The following are education foundations that provide scholarships and grants and other support to schools, teachers and their students.

  • Hillsborough Education Foundation - The foundation provides support to the public school teachers and students in the Hillsborough County so that they may excel in the programs that are excluded in the funds from tax revenues. The foundation provides scholarships to students for a post-secondary education so as to give hope and strive for a better life. Grants are also provided for teachers so that curriculum may be enhanced. School grants are also available so as to improve the school itself. The foundation has a "Nature's Classroom" program that provides all sixth grade students a hands-on experience of nature in the environment of their native Florida for three days. The foundation also recognizes the exemplary works of individuals in the community that work on behalf of their school district.
  • Snohomish Education Foundation - The main objective of this organization is to help students achieve academic success. The foundation relies on the generosity of its community members through its annual fund drive. The foundation's programs for this year are Pathway Partnership, Classroom enrichment Grants, Scholarship for Higher Education, Elementary Arts Enrichment Program, Achievement Fund and Classroom Library Sets.
  • Alameda Education Foundation - The main project of Alameda Education Foundation is Adopt-a-Classroom. In this project, a donor provides financial and moral support to the teachers and students. Through the donations, the teacher will have an additional fund to purchase the needed hands-on learning materials, which are essential in the learning of the students.
  • Education Foundation of Indian River County - This foundation encourages donors to give not only funds but even in kinds. Pencils, notebooks, shoes, socks and other supplies needed in relation to studies will be highly appreciated by the students and teachers of the Indian River County in the state of Florida. The foundation's aim is to help students succeed in their studies.
  • Long Beach Education Foundation - The foundation started with a few volunteers in 1989 and is now considered as the largest donor to the needs of students and public schools in Long Beach, Lakewood, Signal Hill and Avalon. Programs include giving honor to the students and their families through the Most Inspiring Student Award Dinner, providing uniforms to the needy students through its Operation School Bell, provides scholarship to fifth graders to enjoy and learn at Camp Hi Hill.

Education is there to help in our classroom needs. It is then the students' and teachers' responsibility to seek help from these organizations if they wish to improve the quality of their life through education.


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