How To Get Involved in Science Policy

Parents are concerned about the science curriculum. Schools are being challenged to provide higher levels of science literacy. Science assessments are expected to demonstrate how the curriculum provides a solid science education. Here's how to get involved with science policy.


  • Read the State Standards
    Parents who are interested in becoming involved in the science curriculum need to become educated about the science and technology policy. A good place to start is to read the state standards and the local school's curriculum. Often these are available to read online. Verify that the guidelines match. Parents and educators are often surprised to find that local school districts are not aligned with state guidelines. State guidelines can change and not all districts keep current.

    It is hard to be an effective advocate for science education until you understand the current science policy, science literacy programs, and the methods for science assessment. Many feel having a child in the system provides adequate knowledge. To be an effective advocate for change, accurate research of the current requirements and science policies is mandatory. It provides you with the ability to speak with knowledge on the topic. A parent or community member who speaks with specific examples and documentation is given far more respect than one who speaks with a general passion for the need for innovation policy.

  • Be an Advocate in the Community
    Science literacy is a concern in the community. Several states are requiring science assessment for students. Parents are becoming more aware of the need for improved science curriculum as they see the results of these tests. Harnessing this interest by providing information and getting parents involved in creating science and technology policy is critical. Parents can be active in insuring the proper courses are offered at the elementary and secondary levels. They can help provide funding for science equipment and books. Grants and donations are often found through parental connections.
  • Volunteer for School Councils and School Committees
    One of the most effective methods to have a voice in school science policies is to be in a position of authority in the school district. Those who want to see innovative policy changes need to be willing to do the work to make those changes happen. Many parents are concerned with increasing science literacy. Being on a school board gives parents the access to make changes.

Science policy is an important aspect of public education. Getting involved allows you to verify that students are receiving an appropriate science education that meets state guidelines.


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