How To Get Ready for a New School Year

Tips for Parents in Getting Their Kids Off to a Good Start!

Ask most any student and they will tell you that summer never seems to last quite long enough. Before you know it, the lazy days of summer make way for the responsibilities of another school year. Getting a good start each year is important and not hard to do -- if you take a little time to prepare.

  1. Get Supplies: Most schools provide a list of necessary school supplies in advance, and taking advantage of the sales offered from mid to late summer can save a lot of money. Some teachers require very specific items, such as a particular color of pens or paper that has lines of a certain width, so be sure to look over the list carefully.
  2. What to Wear: Many schools are now requiring that students wear uniforms. Fortunately, school uniforms are available at a wide variety of retailers, both traditional stores and online. Some communities even organize opportunities for the sale or swap of used uniforms, which can save parents a bundle! Schools that do not require uniforms typically have a dress code in place. Parents and students should be sure that they familiarize themselves with their school's policy on street clothes so that they can decide on appropriate clothing that appeals to both generations.
  3. Get Back on Schedule: Summer schedules are often fairly flexible, and many kids sleep a bit later in the summer than they do during the school year. Since you don't want your kids to be falling asleep at their desks during those first few weeks of school, it's a good idea to begin adjusting the family's sleep schedule a few weeks before school begins. Most experts recommend that school-aged children get about 10 hours of sleep each night, so getting to bed on time is a must!
  4. See the Doctor: At certain ages, most public schools require students to undergo physical and dental exams and provide proof that they are up to date on their inoculations. Because of this, many doctor's offices are especially busy during the summer months, so appointments should be booked well in advance. It's also s good idea for kids to have a thorough eye exam before each school year since uncorrected vision problems can affect academic achievement.
  5. Have Some Fun! While school provides plenty of opportunities for socialization, it's fun for kids to have one big get-together before a new school year begins. Scheduling a sleepover or ice cream sundae making party on the last weekend before school starts gives kids a chance to reconnect with their classmates, making that first day back a bit more comfortable.

While childhood summers can't go on forever, going back to school needn't be a stressful time. Like most things, the better prepared that you are, the easier time that you will have!


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