How To Get Thru a Child's Homework

One of the most difficult challenges that any parent will face is getting his child to finish his homework daily. Most kids abhor homework and just want to play or watch TV. At the same time, kids will have short attention spans that will surely add to your already burgeoning problem of getting him to work on his schoolwork daily. To ensure that your child gets through his homework, here are some useful tricks recommended by educators and child counselors.

Set a routine. Most experts will advise you that the best way to get your child to work on his schoolwork every day is by setting a routine that he has to follow as soon as he gets home from school. From the moment he gets home from school; let him go through the routine that you are enforcing. For instance, once he gets home, allocate 30 minutes for him to take his snacks to ensure he is well-fed. After this, allocate another 30 minutes for play. Once the time is up, make him work on his schoolwork. When he completes his work, allow him to have an hour where he can do what he likes such as playing video games or watching TV. Throw in some chores in the mix to teach him to be responsible. Fix a routine and enforce it. Make sure to explain to your child what the routine is about and why he has to follow it.

Start with food. It is important to ensure that your child gets the nutrition he needs as soon as he comes home from school. Make sure you prepare him food when he gets home as this will be the fuel he needs to complete all his homework.

Reward your child. Another way to ensure that your child will do his homework is to offer him rewards. Offer short term rewards like allowing him to watch TV or play video games for an hour for as long as he completes his work first. This will develop the concept of working first before playing. Offering long term rewards for good grades will be beneficial to your child as well as he will strive to get good grades which will start from accomplishing his homework daily. Tell him that you will take him to Disneyland or purchase him a Sony PSP if he gets good grades. Explain to him that he will need to do his homework daily if he wants to get the grades needed for the reward. Make sure to remind him about the reward once in awhile to remove any laziness spreading in his mind. Make sure to throw in verbal praises in the mix.

Help him out
. Obviously, you can get your child to complete his homework by simply staying with him and helping him out in every step of the way until he accomplishes and finishes the work. If he gets frustrated or angry, allow him sometime to calm down and breathe before getting back to work. Be strict but loving.

If you are really having a tough time with this, then you can always hire a tutor to help him with his work daily. Make sure you hire a reputable tutor that won’t only teach academics but will teach him values as well.


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