How To Get Your Child to Focus on Schoolwork

Schoolwork is an essential part of learning in a classroom. Teachers have given students assignments since the beginning of time. The practice in class promotes several aspects of formal and informal assessments that teachers are able to grade and utilize in making proper future lessons. Students would rather play, talk, or even run their day away. This is not a bad thing, but they also need to learn how to focus on what is expected of them and complete assignments in a timely manner. The following are some tips that will help a parent promote a greater focus on schoolwork for their child in the classroom.

  1. Make a schedule at home. What does your child do when he/she comes home from school? We all have activities and social events. Make sure that you set aside a homework time each day that everyone knows. It is important to follow a set routine at home as if the child were in school. Children know when the schedule is different and will tell you about it. Children love a routine, and the benefits of making a schedule that includes homework each day will keep their attention focused in class and at home.
  2. Mom teaching her childUse a desk or table when completing homework. The couch or the floor can be very comfortable after a long, hard day at school, but it may not be the best place to complete an assignment. At school, the majority of written work is completed at a desk or a table. Find a flat surfaced desk or table with a chair and plenty of light. A child is more apt to doze off when on the floor or the couch as opposed to sitting up to focus on schoolwork.
  3. Check assignments from school. The book bag can be a scary place for any parent to check for paperwork from school. Don’t be afraid, but embrace what your child brings home. There may be art projects, important notes or letters, papers to fill out, and definitely homework. This may not be your favorite thing to do either, but don’t be discouraged. Empty any papers and/or food from the sack, and talk about what needs to be completed, signed, or even thrown away. This is a step in the right direction toward organization. That in turn leaves room for a more focused mind. This also shows how attentive you can be toward your child’s work from school. Don’t ask them what they did in school. Have the children show you what they do and talk to them about how assignments are completed. You can gain quite an insight from a child who knows you are interested in what he is doing.
  4. Speak to the teacher through notes, phone calls, and email. Sometimes, the book bag is like the dryer. We don’t know where money, notes, or letters will end up. It usually is a hit or miss that a child will get information/paperwork home or vice versa. The teacher is your best bet when your child needs assistance or if you want some information. Ask the teacher where the child sits or better yet make an appointment to see the classroom for yourself. Teachers have details about your child for reviewing and completing schoolwork at home. When a note doesn’t work, try a phone call. Teachers are busy, but can make calls at certain times during the day. Email the teacher for a more convenient way of getting in touch. In this case, the teacher and parent can answer and reply when available.

Schoolwork is a standard in every school and classroom. It is not just busy work, either. Talk to your children, look at their work, and make time to speak to the teacher. These important details can help your child focus on his schoolwork through better organizational skills and completing assignments on time. Children who focus on schoolwork are better prepared and make leaps and bounds toward accomplishment rather than failure.

Megan Lewis
BSEd Elementary Education
Master’s Reading Education
Kappa Delta Pi member
NEA member



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