How To Handle a Poor Teacher Observation

Improving School Performance

You spend time writing lesson plans. You spend money buying materials. You spend energy preparing. You push any obstacles, such as lack of textbooks or overcrowded classrooms aside. Then, after a fair performance given the circumstances surrounding you, you receive a poor teacher observation. Here are a few tips on how to handle a poor teaching observation.

Step 1

Take notes. Ask questions and take notes. Find out specifically what areas the observer feels can be improved. For example, was the teaching objective met? If not, why? Also, find out specifically what the observer feels could be done differently in order to improve the lesson.

Step 2

Evaluate your lesson plan. Ask yourself, “What could I have done differently to make this a better lesson?” Be honest with yourself. Did you spend enough time planning? Did your objective match your instruction? Was your lesson focused and organized? Did you assess students’ knowledge before and after the lesson? Did you provide for the various learning needs of all your students? Did you accommodate all of your students? Did you realize you had to do all of this before you became a teacher? Ha. Teaching is an art and there is not always a right or wrong way to teach; however, always strive to make each lesson better.

Step 3

Re-do the lesson. Ask the administrator to come back. If the administrator agrees, reteach the lesson using his or her suggestions when applicable. Make an effort to improve the previous lesson. If you start to feel nervous, use a script or PowerPoint to help keep your teaching on point.

Step 4

Remain calm. Avoid an argument. Avoid becoming defensive. Constructive criticism is not always easy to take, but look at it as an opportunity to be an active learner yourself. Consider any suggestions your administrator made and use the suggestions to improve your teaching..

Step 5

Prepare. Teach every lesson as if you were being observed. Great lessons don’t just happen. Teachers have to plan, make sure they have adequate materials, accommodate diverse student needs, and present material in a clear concise manner. It takes lots of practice to become an expert teacher.

Turn any bad teaching observation into a positive experience. Students and teachers are lifelong learners. Use any poor teaching observation as a tool to become the best teacher you can be.


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