How To Help a Child Enjoy Gymboree

It's never too early to help develop your child's interests in the arts: you never know, but your young toddler could well be the Mozart or Beethoven of his generation! One of the places where you could help your child develop his artistic abilities is through Gymboree. Gymboree offers many different classes that cater to kids as young as 0 months old to about 5 years old. Because their classes are open to the moms also, these are also great bonding opportunities for the parent and child. Here are some of the ways that you could help your child enjoy classes at Gymboree:

  1. Choose a program according to his interests. At Gymboree, you could choose classes for your child in areas such as Music, Art and Sports. You could make your decision on what classes to enroll him in based on what you observed your child's  inclinations to be: does he seem interested in listening to music and singing songs? Does he like to scribble and play with color? If you could enroll him in an area that he is already interested in to begin with, it won't be a hardship for you to get him to enjoy his classes.
  2. Choose a program according to his age level. Each different program has classes assigned to specific age ranges. It's very important that you enroll your child in the class that caters to his particular age range, because the lessons are designed to be developmentally-appropriate to specific ages. Don't be too conscious about wanting your child to be advanced for his age: remember, your child is there to learn and have fun, and not to feel pressured.
  3. Let your child have freedom to have fun. Gymboree should not be a place where you're constantly comparing your child to the other kids. Accept that different kids have different rates of development, and your child should be free to learn at his own pace. Make sure that your child understands that learning is fun, and in the long run this will help him be motivated to excel and to push himself to be his best.
  4. Bring in the entire family. If you have more than one toddler/ preschool-age kid, you may want to enroll them all in one class. Gymboree offers family classes in music, art, and in their “play and learn” program where you could have all your kids – and you as the parent – in one class. If your kids are together, they might be more at ease with the classes and feel more free to enjoy. And of course, this is a valuable opportunity to strengthen your bond as a family.
  5. Encourage your child to explore. Gymboree is very beneficial to kids as the lessons tap into their need for much kinesthetic activity, sensory experience (that is, learning through the use of their senses), natural curiosity and desire to explore. It will definitely help if you as a parent will also encourage your child to learn through these natural developmental tendencies. As much as possible, let him get used to communicating and interacting, and give him the opportunity to discover and explore things  for himself. This way, he will find Gymboree to be a natural extension to his learning about the world.

There you have it! These are the ways to help your child enjoy Gymboree. Remember, if you invest in your child's development in his early, formative years, he will definitely thank you for it in the future. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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