How To Improve Study Skills as High School Students

Recent studies have shown that not everyone responds well to traditional study methods. Most study skills taught to children by either their parents or teachers may be obsolete with all the advancements in learning today as well as all the other factors that hinder the development of proper attention and studying techniques.  The study habits of the previous generation will just not cut it because the environment is simply not the same anymore.

Improving your study skills and habits are just a matter of priority. Since you’re already in high school, you already have developed enough sense of responsibility to know that how well you do in high school determines the rest of your life. Whether college is an option or otherwise there are a few helpful tips on improving your study skills.

  • Motivate yourself. The first step is usually the biggest one: motivation. You will never get around to doing the things you don’t want to do, right? Motivating yourself to study is integral as no one can help you with this one but yourself. Simply tell yourself that your future successes depend largely on your performance in high school. That high school is a great launch pad to life if you begin succeeding there.
  • Find a study nook. A study nook is important because it is a place dedicated to studying free from distractions and is comfortable. Most kids study in their room but this isn’t a hard and fast rule. You can study at the kitchen table if you are more comfortable and less distracted there. What is important for your study nook is that everything you need to study is there so you don’t spend a lot of time getting up and getting the study material.
  • Prioritize. Try to figure out which subjects you need more improvement on. These are usually the subjects you are not doing so well at or the subjects that don’t interest you in any way. These are the subjects you need to study first and spend more time on. Since it takes much more effort for you to learn these subjects, it is best that you prioritize them first and study them before your brain tires out.
  • Build momentum.  One bad habit most high school kids have is that they take too long a break after finishing studying for one subject. Taking a break from your lessons is fine as long as you don’t linger too long. Doing so will ruin whatever momentum you’ve built up during study time. Do not eat a full meal or call someone on the phone or watch a TV program during study hours. In order to finish studying effectively your lessons, you need to follow through as quickly as possible so that you finish quicker and more efficiently. Taking prolonged breaks during study time might make it harder for you to concentrate on your lessons.
  • Never cram. Not only is cramming a waste of time but you don’t learn anything when you cram. Studies have proven that when cramming, information is stored in the short term memory. Sure, that’ll help you pass your test tomorrow, but the end result is that you will not have learned anything. Studying is a lot like working out, you have to put a lot of hours in before you see concrete results.

Just follow those tips above and you should be able to develop great study habits and skills.  The study skills you perfect today will prove to be invaluable later on in life.  If you think this is not true, then ask you parents and teachers and they will confirm it.


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