How To Improve Study Skills for Middle School

Most teachers agree that Middle School is the best time to develop study habits that will be beneficial to your kids throughout their time in the academe. During this time of their studies, your child will learn essential skills that will help them throughout life like practical reasoning and decision-making. At this point of their lives, your child has already developed their own study habits and schedules that have been instrumental in getting them through elementary. The next step is to improve on this base and adjust it to the requirements of Middle school. Just follow the tips below to create a better set of study habits for your child.

  • Remove all distractions. This is a great opportunity to teach your child how to concentrate on a given task. Make sure that the TV, computer, and whatever hand-held devices like PSP or mobile phones are turned off. Your child has to realize that they are now at an age where they must learn to concentrate. Make them understand that its study time and this will take precedence over everything else.
  • Set a study environment. A study environment doesn’t limit itself to a physical location, it can also be a time in the afternoon after your child has come home and after they’ve had a snack and have settled down. An excellent study environment is preferably one away from distractions and somewhere where a parent can oversee the studying child. A study environment should also have books, pens, paper, rulers and whatever else is needed to study the lessons handy so that the child doesn’t have to get up from their seat to get the study materials. Having the materials at the ready is also a great way to utilize the study time.
  • Keep calm, be patient. Since you are revamping your child’s study regimen, it’s best that you be calm and patient with them. You’ll be changing a habit they’ve become accustomed to so there will be a period of adjustment. Your calm attitude and patience will also serve as positive reinforcement for your child as they see you being supportive and patient with their progress.
  • Cooperate, concentrate. Come up with fun activities you can do together. Middle school will require your kids to work with others and when they see you working alongside them, it develops their self confidence as well. At certain points of the activity, allow your child to take the lead. This will teach them to concentrate further and improve their leadership skills.
  • Evaluate, assess. After each study session with your child, you have a rough idea as to what aspects need improvement and attention. This allows you to plan out what to concentrate and/or improve on during the next study session.

The transition from elementary and middle school marks the first step your child takes towards adulthood and responsibility. Make sure you’re there to guide them along the way by helping them develop new study habits that will be both beneficial and fun. The best part of helping them study is that you two will have great bonding time together to bring you closer together.


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