How To Improve Your Child's Public School Education

Private school education is often viewed as better than public school education. However, parents of students in public schools should not feel helpless. Private school programs may be better in some instances but as a parent, you can help your child improve her education while enrolled in a public school.
Instead of worrying, follow these suggestions so your child can get the most out of her public school education and more.

  • Be positive about the public school system. There has been so much negative attention focused on public schools. But what most people don’t know is that there are also first-rate public schools in the country. Many successful people in both the private and public sector are products of a public school education. If you see public schools in a negative light, change your attitude now! Sometimes, it makes no difference whether a person attended public or private school. It is about having the right attitude towards education. If the desire to learn is there coupled with parental support, then the child will prosper in school.
  • Research the curricula of other schools. Take a look at the programs offered by private schools and public schools in your area and elsewhere. Find studies done comparing public and private school education. You may just be surprised to find that some public schools may be better than some private schools in terms of curriculum and extra-curricular activities for students.
  • Visit a private school in your area. Have a look-see and find out exactly what they offer. Ask about their curriculum, student programs and facilities. See if any of the learning opportunities this private school offers can be offered in your child’s public school.
  • Get in touch with public schools that have successful student programs. Ask them how they do it. Obtain as much information as you can. They may be able to share with you their successful programs that can be adopted by your child’s school.
  • Talk to the principal and teachers of your child’s school. Let them know exactly what you appreciate about the school – good curriculum, experienced teachers, excellent student programs and others. Ask them how you and the rest of the parents can help improve the students’ experience. Offer your own suggestions and discoveries. Parents can volunteer to run special programs at no cost to the students and the school. Monthly cultural programs, art and music appreciation activities, reading and book programs, entrepreneurial projects, and student run charitable activities are just some programs and projects students can get involved in with the help of the school administration and their parents.
  • Be a hands-on parent. Actively participate in your child’s education. Attend school programs, meet with the teachers regularly, and network with other parents.
  • Employ a private tutor. If you feel that the curriculum could be better but is not, get a private tutor for your child. Find a good tutor to tackle the academic issues you think have to be addressed. The cost of a private tutor may be high so work with other parents and form a small group. Some public schools may not have a strong program for arts, music or sports. Consider enrolling your child in classes outside of the school.

The public school system is not perfect. Even the best public schools have room for improvement. Work with the school administration to come up with ways to improve your child’s public school experience. Seek your co-parents’ help in coming up with enriching educational activities for your children. A better future awaits your child with your help and support.


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