How To Incorporate Interactive Education into the Classroom

Interactive education is taught in most educational degree programs. The word "interactive" has come to mean anything regarding technology.  When we speak of today's classrooms as being interactive, it brings to mind the electronic whiteboards and all of the accompanying gadgetry, overhead projectors, and computers.  In actuality, the word "interactive" simply means the way we communicate whether it be with each other, or with technology; it's active rather than passive learning. Incorporating interactive learning into the classroom can be applied to any concept being taught.  It's merely the method by which one chooses to teach it.  The whole objective for interactive learning is to present material in a way that makes it easier for a student to comprehend by encouraging them to participate in the learning process. Developing a classroom environment in a way that allows students to interact with their own learning is easily achieved.

Once a child enters the classroom, it is important that he or she immediately becomes engaged in the subject.  By presenting a new concept, a review, or something that is going to immediately engage them in the day's lesson, the student is more likely to be prepared to learn.  This could be notes on the overhead or the whiteboard, a short video clip, an audio recording, or music.  Once the student's interest is piqued, the core of the lesson is presented. It is important that the lesson includes both passive and active learning.  There are many modes of interactive learning to be considered: pairing students, group projects, oral presentations, center activities, and dramatic interpretations are all means of incorporating interactive learning.  Playing a game is another way of transferring knowledge. During the course of a lesson, it is always important to include some type of handout.  This could be a fill in the blank, mix or match, vocabulary sheet, or a graphic organizer.  By doing this, it keeps the student engaged in the learning process as well as provides a study guide for a later time.

When integrating an interactive strategy, it is always important to consider the level and learning style of the students. We also need to remember that "interactive" is not limited to technology, nor does it mean it only takes place in the confines of the classroom. Learning how to incorporate the right interactive method into the classroom will not only provide a healthy learning environment, it will produce a safe learning environment.  Actively engaged learners are just that - active.  By matching the right strategy with the lesson, students will readily communicate what and how much learning takes place.  Learning how to incorporate interactive learning into our classroom often comes from our own experience as learners; you can get started with some cool interactive learning techniques by taking online courses in education.


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