How To Know the Available Information in a Technology Report

When writing a technology report, five major topics are of prime importance. First would be the definition of terms; second would be a comprehensive description of the particular product, process or outcome being highlighted; third would be the relevance of the product or process; fourth would be the facts and the supporting statistics; and fifth would be the background studies that you have used as reference during the process of creating and developing that product or process.

  1. A definition of terms must be included in the first part of your report. This is especially helpful if you will need to use jargon and scientific terms throughout your report. Remember, laymen – or those who are not practitioners or professionals in your same field – may be included in the readership audience and they must be able to understand your given information. Remember, those who provide funding for your experiments and study may be businessmen and not scientists – but they still need to know where their good money has gone! A tip here is to write your report first, then have a friend – someone who isn't in the same field as you – list some terms that he found to be confusing. Write down those terms and write a corresponding simple definition for each. Include this in the first part of your technology report.
  2. The product, process or outcome must be described in detail – a comprehensive product report. This especially applies to products/processes that are new innovations. Photographs of this product – both still photos and successive photos of this product in the course of its function – must be included to help in the readers' visualization and understanding of the information you present.
  3. You must describe in detail the relevance of that product/process and its functions. How is this technology useful? What are its applications? What other studies would benefit from this product/process? What would be its implications to other fields, or within your same field? Describe these in detail.
  4. Include the statistics and figures that support your findings and that product's/process' relevance. Depending on the particular technology you are presenting, the facts and how you establish them will vary: You could provide a trend report or a growth report if you are dealing with an ongoing process of technological innovation; a sector report to show the implications of your findings to different populations (in this case include data on the report size); a technology evaluation; a cost assessment; etc.
  5. Make sure that you acknowledge the background studies that you have used during the course of your technological development and experimentation. Citing your sources would actually also give more credibility to your report, since previous studies reinforce your findings and give readers a solid foundational background from which to better understand your technological report.

That's it! To give you a better idea on how to make a technology report, make sure that you look up different scientific journals to give you an idea about different varieties of formats and styles that you can work with. Be prepared to receive comments and feedback once you've completed your first draft, and make sure you incorporate the feedback once you rewrite your report. Be assured by the fact that the hardest part – the experimentation, studies, etc – is over, and writing about it will be a breeze! Good luck!


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