How To Lead a Group Project

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The outcome of a group project is usually determined by the skills of the group leader. Be a strong leader, and your group will inevitably create a great group project. Fumble your role as group leader, and it could be detrimental to not only your group project, but also your job or education. To ensure you approach the role of group leader properly, follow this guide on how to lead a group project.

Step 1

Identify what tasks need to get done. The first step you need to do when you are asked to lead a group project is to establish your role as leader. Show your confidence, and get your group members to trust you and want to perform well for you. Then you need to start laying out the action plan for the project. Hold a meeting with your group members to discuss what tasks need to be completed in order for the project to be finished. Make a list and distribute the task list to everyone.

Step 2

Delegate tasks to the best possible people.  Once you've got an idea of what needs to be done to complete the project, start to delegate the tasks. Choose people to complete the tasks that you know are capable of doing the best job. Then, as a group, discuss what tools each person will need to do the tasks he or she has been assigned, and also talk about the expected outcome for each particular task. As the leader of a group project, you want your group members to know that you have certain expectations of them that you expect them to achieve. Standards and minimum levels of acceptable work quality should be known by everyone in the group, and it is the job of the group leader to relay these expectations to everyone. (An added note though - try not to be a dictator as the group leader. Try to be a driven team player. You'll get much better results.)

Step 3

Oversee the contributions of each member.  As each group member begins his or her tasks, make sure that you are involved in the process. Even if you are overseeing the work from afar, maintain a presence. Let your group know that you are there to offer a hand when questions or concerns about the project arise. And also let them see that you are always present, so there can't be any slacking off. (You should also take on a large portion of the project work as well.) And never stop motivating your group. The leader of a group must work to keep everyone working toward the same goal, which is project completion. So ensure that everyone has all of the tools they need in order to perform well on the project and meet the deadline.

Step 4

Review the group project before submitting it.  As a final step in your role as leader of a group, you need to go over the final group project. Ensure that the quality of the project is up to your standards and then proudly submit your group project.


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