How To Learn About Cost Estimating

What if you want to construct your dream house? But you don’t know how much money you will need to buy for a land, to buy all the materials needed to build it, and pay for the contractors. If you only knew how cost estimating works, you would not have that problem.

So, before that example becomes a real problem in the future, why don’t you learn construction estimation or maybe simple project estimation? Even effort estimation can be done if you know cost estimating. Besides, there are many estimation techniques and cost estimating methods once you’ve learned about all these.

Better start studying about these estimating cost methods or estimation technique through the following ways:

  • Online Resources. URLs like and provide free information about cost estimating. Simply read this information and you can get the basics and the most complex subjects about cost estimation.
  • Books. Several books are in the market about cost estimating. There are the “Construction Estimating,” “Construction Estimating Answer Key,” “Means Estimating Handbook,” “Estimating with MS Excel: Unlocking the Power for Home Builders,” “Fundamentals of Construction Estimating,” and a lot more. can give you access to these commercial books. Simply pay through your credit card and wait for the book’s delivery. After that, you can start learning about cost estimating techniques.
  • Online course. If you are so serious learning about cost estimating, then why don’t you take an online course? This is the best option for you especially if you don’t have the time to go regularly to a school. One of the online schools offering a special course about it is
  • Local course. Enrolling in your local school is always better than having your cost estimation course done online. With this option, you are allowed to meet new faces or your instructor. It’s not only a good way to learn cost estimating but a great way to socialize and widen your network, too.

Any of these choices will work effectively for your learning about cost estimating. But keep in mind some few pieces of advice when choosing.

First, you should determine the knowledge level you have about cost estimating. Do you already know some of the basics or you will start from the scratch? Of course, if you will start from the scratch, you should choose a program teaching you the basics of cost estimation.

Second, evaluate which among these options will work the best for your situation. For instance, if you don’t have money to enroll in a school, then better choose to have a self-study instead. Self-study will be time-consuming and you won’t get a lot of learning from that, though this option is surely a money-saver.

Perhaps, you have some personal considerations, too. What’s important, anyway, is that you will learn about cost estimating, and that learning will help you in your future projects. For sure, learning about this will not only benefit you but other people in estimating the costs of their projects no matter how big or small these are.


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