How To Learn German Vocabulary With Crossword Puzzles

German Vocabulary Training Doesn't Have To Be Boring!

Have you reached an impasse with your German language studies? Have lessons turned into a boring chore? You can spice up the learning process for any foreign language with the use of study aids like crossword puzzles.

Find some online sites that provide free German crossword puzzles.

Here are some to get you started:

  • Crossword Express (requires Java).
  • Daily Translation Crosswords (requires Java) - German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish.
  • Free Crossword Puzzles - German/English (requires Java).
  • Babelnation Puzzles - also has other types of puzzles available as well as audio files and other learning resources.
  • NZZ Online, Switzerland. (PDF format). Crosswords are easy to print. Each puzzle holds the answer key to the previous puzzle. For chess buffs, there are also 'Schachprobleme' (chess problems).

Spend some time and just enjoy solving puzzles at the first four sites.

Once you have your fill, or your wrist starts to hurt from all the mouse clicking, go to the fifth site (NZZ Online):

  1. Print out a few crosswords.
  2. Save paper. Use a pencil or erasable pen so that you can erase and redo the puzzles as many times as you wish.
  3. Remember that 'Waagerecht' means 'Across' and 'Senkrecht' means 'Down'.
  4. These puzzles use AE instead of Ä, OE instead of Ö, and UE instead of Ü - which is the standard for most German crossword puzzles.
  5. Start working on the puzzles and note unfamiliar words on a separate sheet of paper. Be sure to include the clue sentences as well, so that you learn each word in context.
  6. Look up the new words and learn them. Repeat the clue sentences aloud several times to reinforce what you have learned. If you do not have a German/English dictionary handy, try,, or
  7. Erase the puzzles and do them again. You should find them much easier the second time around.

You may prefer working with printed puzzles - or the online approach. Use whichever method produces the best results for you.

If you are looking for a book of easy crossword puzzles, check out the author's review of Easy German Crossword Puzzles.

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