How To Learn Retail Math

Those who work in the retail industry have specific math formulas that are most common to the industry.  Those who aspire to work in those industries must learn the math that is required for the job.

Review Basic Math

For those hoping to learn retail math the best place to start is to review basic math concepts.  Many free online resources provide tests to provide students with knowledge of their math abilities.  Other sites provide review materials for subjects forgotten or never learned.  While many skip this step, it can result in having to go back to review concepts required in retail math that are no longer remembered.  A quick review of math concepts can make students more confident and able to learn retail math.

Set Goals

The subject of retail math is a broad one.  Some students only want to learn a few formulas that apply to their specific jobs.  Others want to learn the math that applies to the category across the board.  The goal establishes how to set about learning the material.  Those who want to learn just the formulas and math that applies to their job will approach the process differently than someone who wants a complete education in the math and formulas that apply to all of retail math.  Teachers and students need to understand the goals and objectives when planning how best to teach and learn the material.

Create a Learning Outline

There are books and online resources that can help students and teachers establish an outline for what specific formulas and math students need to learn about retail math.  For independent learners it can be a useful task to create a list or outline of retail math material to be learned.  This will help make decisions about the order to learn the material in, the methods and materials to use to learn it, and the time required to learn the material listed on the outline.

Consider Learning Strategies

There are many ways to learn formulas and math strategies.  Some people record them on index cards.  Others practice them until they memorize them.  It is important for students to find a learning strategy that works for them.  Several websites list retail math formulas and explain how and why the formulas work.   If looking for additional material on learning math formulas, look for math sites that focus on alternate learning strategies.  These can prove to be very useful in giving strategies people who need alternate methods to learn math.

Learn about the Mistakes

Most math formulas have predictable mistakes and retail math is no different.  If X is done instead of Y, students find there is a predictable mistaken answer.  Those who learn those mistakes have a better chance of catching and correcting their retail math mistakes.

For those who wish to learn retail math the process is achievable.  Free resources are available to begin the process.  Colleges and technical high schools may also provide adults with additional training options.


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