How To Learn to Read for Adults

Millions of adults in the United States do not know how to read. This can make life harder for them since they have to rely on someone else to do the reading. The solution to this is to teach an adult how to read on his own. Doing this is much like teaching a kid how to read. If the adult is willing to learn and has the drive to reach his goals, it may be easier to teach him how to read.

Follow these tips to teach an adult how to read:

  • Assess capabilities. Some adults have a bit of knowledge when it comes to reading while others do not know how to read at all. Before beginning to teach an adult, you should first assess his capabilities. You can do this by doing an alphabet activity or by asking him to read some simple words that have a few characters. It will be easier for you to determine your teaching methods if you know the capabilities of your student.
  • Be patient. This goes for both the teacher and the student. As a teacher, you must understand that learning to read as an adult can be hard and scary for the student. You have to be patient and give your time and effort in order for the student to learn. Likewise, you also have to make your student understand that learning how to read takes time. Your student may need a confidence boost from time to time while learning.
  • Use learning materials. Provide learning materials during the reading lesson. Before you choose the learning materials that you are going to use, you might want to ask your student if he doesn’t mind using materials for children. You can use children’s books, activity books on the alphabet, magazines or posters with words.
  • Go through the alphabet. It will be easier for your student to read once he already knows the alphabet and the sounds that each letter produces. Make the alphabet your first lesson. You can use flash cards and posters for this. When he already learns the alphabet, you can start associating sounds and words with each of the letters. Spell out simple words corresponding to each letter.
  • Read books. Once your student learns the alphabet by heart, you may want to try reading books. Choose books with simple words that are easy to read. Have a reading session where you ask your student to read the story out loud. This is good practice for reading. Pretty soon, your student will be able to read more complicated words without your help.

These are the basic steps in teaching an adult how to read. You can also make use of other resources such as learn-to-read books that are geared towards adults. One of the resources that you can use is Sight Phonics. Sight Phonics is a program that is made for adults who are just learning how to read. The package contains a reading program with 13 books and CDs.


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