How To Learn Vocabulary Words Fast

Learning vocabulary words is an essential, especially for kids who are in school. These vocabulary words are important to improve knowledge and increase vocabulary. Some words are easier to learn than others. As a parent, you can help your child learn vocabulary words in a fun way. There are also some things that you can do to make learning easier for your child.

Follow these tips to help your child learn vocabulary words:

  • Have a schedule for studying. Set a time for studying and make it a point to follow the schedule. It will be best to study the vocabulary words little by little rather by learning them all at once in one go. If there is a quiz or test to study for, start studying a few weeks before the exam. Write down all the vocabulary words on a piece of paper, together with the right spelling and meaning of each word.
  • Make flash cards with pictures. Create flash cards with pictures for your child. This will make it easier to retain the meaning of the card since it comes with a visual representation. What you can do is write down the word on one side of the card and the definition of the word and a corresponding picture on the other side. Use these flash cards while studying the vocabulary words.
  • Write the words down. Ask your children to write the words down over and over. Some people find this trick more useful when learning. Make sure that your child knows the definition for the word while writing. Another activity that you can do is say the definition out loud and ask your child to identify the word. This is good practice for the vocabulary.
  • Use the words in a sentence. Do this activity with your child as a review for the vocabulary words. Say the word and tell your child to use it in a meaningful sentence. Using the word in a sentence helps since it practices word association. Doing this will also help remember the meaning of the words.
  • Study the words little by little. Spread the words to learn throughout the span of the week. Do not try to let your child learn the words all in one day. Start with a few words the first day of studying and add some words as the week passes. When reviewing, do not forget to include the words that were previously discussed. Your child will be able to retain the information this way without overloading the information all at once.

These are the tips that you can use if you want to help your child learn vocabulary words. These tips are also good for spelling. The important thing is to practice the vocabulary words everyday. Try and use the vocabulary words at home during casual conversations so that the meaning will sink in faster and your child can learn it in a quick manner. Make up some games while learning to keep your child interested in the lessons.


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