How To Locate Early Education Programs in Your Area

Early Childhood education programs in your area can be listed under nursery schools, Head Start programs, or pre-kindergarten classes. Your choice of program would depend on whether you wanted a half day program, a full day program, a government subsidized program or a private early education program.

Nursery schools are great places for parents who work and want their children in a safe and productive setting.  Many nursery schools offer half day programs for children aged 3 to 4.  Parents can choose either morning or afternoon sessions.  They are responsible for dropping their children off and picking their children up.  Many nursery schools provide an excellent early education program that prepares children for regular school when they reach the age of five.  Nursery schools can be located in your telephone directory under pre-school listings.  You can also find a nursery school by talking to your priest or minister.  Many churches offer excellent pre-school education programs.

If you are concerned about early education standards and would like your child involved in a government subsidized program, Head Start schools can be located by talking to your local board of education.  These classes are for students age 4, and many of them have their own pick up bus service.  Pre-kindergarten classes are available in most areas, and some are privately owned and operated.

The importance of finding an early school to aid in your children's education can not be over-emphasized.  Regardless of the home environment, early development in social skills can only begin when your child is presented with situations involving playing and learning with peers.  Early Head Start programs help those parents who cannot afford private day care or nursery schools.  Regardless of which program you eventually choose, you can only become familiar with their level of educational standards by taking an active role in your pre- schoolers educational early development.

Many parents who have located a pre- school either by asking at a board of education, religious center, or using the telephone directory or other contacts, assume that they are through with their involvement other than paying tuition and transporting their children.  However, parents take an active role by visiting their children's pre-school while it is in session, and looking at their children's projects can make an important impact on their pre-schooler's early development.

Some Head Start programs are totally given over to providing breakfast, treats and nap time.  That is one reason why many concerned parents who have the financial means pay tuition for private day care or nursery schools.  Whichever direction you choose, your involvement by keeping tabs on the educational standards of the early education program that you have chosen is the only way to insure that your children are given a proper headstart in early development.


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