How To Make a Diorama of Planets

A diorama is a representation of a scene or a situation. This is an effective teaching tool that captures the scene and allows the students to get a clear image of the subject. Depicting the solar system using a diorama is a very interesting way to teach students the differences of each planet, from the colors of each planet to the sizes. Read on to be able to learn how to make your own diorama of the planets of the solar system.

  1. Research the characteristics of each planet in the solar system. You do not just make planets from clay or from any round material you find lying around. To be able to make a realistic diorama of the solar system, you have to do some research about the planets. We have learned before that there were nine planets in total, but right now there are officially eight, not including Pluto. Research and make notes about the characteristics of the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and of course do not forget the center of the solar system, the Sun.
  2. Sketch a draft of how the diorama will look. Label the sketch with the colors of each planet; it's also be a good idea to color the sketch yourself so that you can just pattern your work from it for easier identification, especially when you are about to paint or color the individual planets.
  3. Gather the materials you need to make the diorama. Typically, dioramas are made from shoe boxes, so find a shoe box that would be suitable for your solar system model. Make sure that the size of the box that you will use will be enough to accommodate all the miniature planets that you will be adding on the diorama. Also, gather different colors of paint, pins, and clay or different sizes of round Styrofoam, string, scissors and glue.
  4. Paint the backdrop on the shoe box. To make your diorama realistic, paint the shoe box black. Do not forget to add little white spots which will serve as the stars. Another way to represent the stars is to punch a few little holes into the box so that the light that comes in would give the effect of the stars.
  5. Create your miniature planets. Based on your research, paint the Styrofoam balls according to the respective size and color of each planet. If you don’t have Styrofoam balls, you can use clay as an alternative.
  6. Assemble the planets in the shoe box. Puncture the top portion of the box, making sure that each planet and the Sun will have a respective punctured hole at the appropriate distances from one another. Then tie a string to the pins you have and insert the pins with string on the planets and the sun. Make sure that the length is sufficient, not too long and not too short for the box. Tie the other end of the strings onto the punctured holes, and voila, you’re done!

Don’t forget to arrange each planet in its proper order and add labels for proper identification. This project is best done with your family or your friends. Turn an educational project into a fun and rewarding experience for you and your loved ones!


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