How To Make a Furry Notebook for Kids

Notebooks can often be viewed as boring and too academic by kids and, most often than not, these “serious” notebooks turn kids off from using them or even bringing them around. It's just not interesting enough for them. Good thing there is something you can do to make your kids interested in writing on their journals or school notebooks. How about turning them into a funny, furry companion to school? That's right. Turning your kids' notebooks into furry little characters may help encourage them to write on their notebooks more often, giving studying an element of fun for them. Here are a few steps on how to make furry notebooks for kids.

  • Gather your materials. Naturally, you would need a notebook for this. Choose a size that will best fit its purpose. If it's a notepad for your kids to bring with you every day, choose one that is a bit smaller. Get fake fur to cover the notebook. You can purchase fake fur at craft or discount stores. You can choose wacky colors to make the notebooks more fun. Buy plastic googly eyes as well, some felt paper, yarn, used buttons and heavy duty glue.
  • Measure the notebook cover. Using a measuring tape or a ruler, measure the covers of your notebook, so you will know how much fur you will use to cover it. Using the same measurements cut out a piece of the fake fur. Add some extra centimeters so you can be able to wrap the fur around the cover of the notebook.
  • Use glue to attach the fur to the notebook. Spread glue thoroughly across the notebook covers. Make sure that you don't soak the notebook covers too much with the glue, so they wouldn't soften and tear. You must be able to spread the glue all over the edges. Stick the fake fur onto the notebook cover and press firmly. You may use different colored furs to give it a psychedelic feel. Use a pair of scissors to trim the extra fur from the edges of the notebook cover. Do this for both the front and back covers.
  • Design a face. With your materials, create a face for the front of the notebook. Glue the googly eyes onto the front cover. Use the yarn and felt paper to add eyebrows and a mouth. For the nose, attach a button. If you want to be extra creative, design a face for a tiger or leopard and add stripes or spots to the covered pages. You can even add a tail at the back of the notebook to contribute to the feel of the furry animal.

If you don't want to create an animal, you can also have fun just creating patterns and different designs using the fake fur and the buttons. To add to the fun of creating this notebook, you may ask your kid to join the project. Ask them for their preferences and have them contribute to the project. Just make sure that you keep them supervised at all times when they are using scissors or other sharp objects.


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