How To Make a Lesson Plan

Teachers need lesson plans to guide them on what to teach their students on a daily basis. Lesson plans contain the outline of the lessons to be taught, the objectives of the teacher for the students and the strategies that are going to be used to impart the lessons to the students. Most schools require their teachers to pass a lesson plan to the academic team. This is also important so that substitute teachers can have a guide when the teacher is absent.

If you are new at teaching and you need to make a lesson plan, here are some of the tips that you can use to help you create one:

  • Write the lesson to be taught. The most important thing on the lesson plan is the lesson that you will teach. This will serve as the title of the lesson plan. When writing the lesson, be sure to be as specific as you can. Do not write a general term that can mean lots of things. If there are sub-topics that are going to be discussed regarding the lesson, include them too.
  • Objectives. Know the objectives that you want to reach after you teach this particular students the lesson. You can state this as “At the end of this lesson, the students…” This will help you focus on what your students need to learn from the lesson that you are teaching.
  • Learning resources. Another thing that you have to include here are the learning resources that are going to be used for this lesson. You can specify chapters on books, a video, resource persons and other things that you are going to use to teach the lessons. You can also list down the materials that you are going to use in teaching the lesson, such as charts, graphs, pictures, etc.
  • Techniques to use. Determine the technique you are going to use to teach the lesson. Most lessons start out with a lecture. Be sure that you do not lecture your students all the way. Most students have short attention spans so you have to come up with ways that will keep your students interested in what you have to teach. You can conduct outdoor activities or video viewing sessions to help your students understand the lesson.
  • Assessment. After the end of the lesson, you must assess your students’ grasp of the lesson. This is done with a test. You can conduct quizzes after each lesson or you can also conduct a test after the whole topic has been discussed. Group projects or individual presentations are also used for assessment purposes.

These are the things that you can include in a lesson plan. Usually, lesson plans need to be approved by the academic team before you can use them. It is important that you have a lesson plan to fall back to when you are teaching, especially if you are handling several subjects or several student levels. In making the lesson plan, you must also consider what type of teaching works best with the students that you are working with.


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