How To Make a Pipe Cleaner Duck

Who says that a pipe cleaner is just a cleaner forever? If you use a little of your imagination, you can transform this cleaner into a great craft. One of the best things you can make out of a pipe cleaner is a duck. This is a very easy-to-do craft that is perfect even for young children. Read on and find out how you can get a duck out of a pipe cleaner:

  • Shop for the things you need. For this project, you will need two different colors of pipe, which are white and orange. The pipes must be 12 inches long. Grab two white ones and one orange cleaner. Other things necessary for this project include craft glue, pencil, and googly eyes. Google eyes, by the way, can be bought in most craft or hobby stores.
  • Work on the body of the duck. For this step, you need the pencil and one white cleaner. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the pencil until you make a tight coil. Slide the pencil off the coil and then loosen the duck’s body slightly for a more natural appearance.
  • Work on the beak. Get the orange cleaner and fold it in half. Bend half an inch of the pipe cleaner's folded end. This bend will make the beak of the craft duck.
  • Assemble the beak onto the body. Slide the folded pipe cleaner into the body coil. However, start from the space between the duck body’s second and the third coil. This gap will also be the space where you will leave the beak of the duck sticking out. The other tip of the orange cleaner must stick out of the base of the body.
  • Work on the feet of the duck. Get one of orange cleaner’s bottom ends and bend it upwards around one-third of the total length of the cleaner. Twist this end to create a loop and then bend the loop forward shaping it into a foot. Do the same thing for the other end for the second foot of the craft duck.
  • Work on the wings of the craft duck. Get the other white cleaner and bend each end going to the center. This will give you two large loops, which will become the wings of the duck. Carefully shape both loops like the wings of a duck. Then, attach these loops at the back portion of the craft duck. Twist the cleaner so it will be held in place.
  • Work on the eyes.  Use a craft glue to attach the googly eyes onto the head of the craft duck.  If you do not have googly eyes, you can draw the eyes with the use of a marker.

A cute little duck can always come out of pipe cleaners. This craft can be best made with your children. However, it is important for you to note that the tips of the pipe cleaners can sometimes be sharp. Hence, practice caution when doing the project with kids. There are a lot of other animals you can make out of pipe cleaners such as penguins, chickens, and other birds. Use your creativity and you will find this activity fun and useful.


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