How To Make a Pop-Up Wind Spinner

Are you looking for some simple crafts ideas you could do with your child? There are so many ideas out there, and one of the best ones you could do is a pop-up wind spinner. A pop-up wind spinner, as the name implies, spins around every time it gets blown by the wind, and it creates a nice visual effect that little kids can enjoy. Creating this craft requires only very simple materials, and it’s so easy to do, as well. Here are the steps for making a pop-up wind spinner:

  • Prepare all the needed materials. For this project, you will need the following: paper (you might want to choose a thick paper variety, such as card stock, for more durability), a ruler, and a string. A word about the paper: make sure that you choose one that has striking color, because the main attraction of this craft is the color of the paper that you choose. A good idea is to use paper that has different colors on both sides.
  • Cut the paper. You will need just a strip of about 2 inches wide and 13 inches long. Crease the paper at every ¾ of an inch; do this until you reach the very end of the strip. Make sure that you crease the paper horizontally along the strip towards the same side. Use the ruler to help you make firm creases.
  • Crease the paper diagonally. This next part will require a little more work and patience. First, roll up the strip of paper so it’s a little bit straight. Now look at your paper, and you will see that with your creases, you have created little rectangular divisions along the length of your strip of paper. Now, look at the first rectangle, the one at the very top. You will make a diagonal crease going from the lower left-hand corner going up to the upper-right hand corner of this block. It’s much easier if you use your ruler to guide you to make a straight line connecting these two points. Line your ruler to connect these two points diagonally, then fold in the paper against the ruler and make a firm crease with your thumb. Do this until you reach the end of the strip.
  • Fold on each crease. Go back to the top of the strip, and fold along each crease that you have. In effect, you will fold the paper diagonally first, then straight across (horizontally). Another thing is that when you fold the paper diagonally, you will fold it backwards, and when you fold the paper horizontally, you should fold it inwards. You will be doing the folding in a back-and-forth manner. You know you’re doing it correctly when you end up with the shape of a rosette.
  • Place a string at the very top of the “rosette.” Now that you have your rosette, you should place a hole at the topmost part, by a corner. This is where you will attach your string. You will have a flat figure, but once you hold up this rosette, the whole length of the paper will go down and create a spiral that will blow with the wind.

There you have it! These are the steps to make a pop-up wind spinner. Easy, right?


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