How To Make a Popsicle House

Many kids always enjoy moments of craft and creativity. Cutting paper here and there, coloring this and that, drawing, gluing and so much more, are just several of the things that kids--and even adults--love to do.

But, craftwork can be done with more than just paper. There are other great materials that can be used. Popsicle sticks are one of them. They are actually great for making popsicle houses. The process is creative, enjoying and productive.

If you think you are not really the creative type, all you need is a little push and guidance to the right direction. Making a house out of popsicle sticks is quite easy and uses only few materials. So, if you want to learn how to make a popsicle house, here are the materials and steps you need:

  • Before you begin with buying popsicle sticks, first you need to determine how big the house that you would like to make will be. The number of sticks will depend on the size of the popsicle house that you are planning to make.
  • Once you have the determined the house size, make the base of the house by cutting out the cardboard, or you can use a paper plate if you want. The base of the house should be equal to the size of the house that you have in mind.
  • Start building the house by creating the walls first. The wall pattern should be even despite the size of its house. If the popsicles all lay horizontally then all should be horizontally laid; if vertical, then do the same with others. There should be uniformity.
  • Lay the popsicles sticks next to each other until they are forming a wall. Get two popsicle sticks and lay them horizontally on the popsicles that you had put together earlier. The pair of popsicle sticks should be put at the front and back of the wall. The two sticks should be 2 inches away from the edge of the wall. The figure should look like a fence in a house. After securing the placement of the sticks, glue them. Repeat this until you have created four walls.
  • Once finished creating the walls, glue them together forming a box shape. Make sure that they are securely glued and don’t easily collapse. Put plenty of glue so that you are sure that the walls hold together tightly.
  • The next thing that you will make is the roof. Put additional popsicle sticks horizontally across on top of the house.
  • Paint the house using water paint. Use your creativity and add a few touches if you must, such as painting a door and windows. You can put other features in your house such as chimneys or two story floors, but you might want to try these after you have mastered the basics.

Making a house out of popsicle sticks is quite easy and simple, but it needs patience and creativity. Try to have fun while making it because it is easy to make something if you put your heart in it and enjoy doing it.


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