How To Make a Really Cool Science Project

For most people, they believe the truly amazing and cool science projects are the science projects that use motors and flashing lights and circuits. These people also believe that science these cool science projects can only be made by those who are really smart. However, there are a variety of cool and amazing science projects that any average Joe of any age can do. One of these simple to make projects only requires some everyday household items. This is a vintage project that still never fails to get some “Ooohs” and “Wows” from spectators. The article below can teach you how to make a really cool science project:

  • Acquire the materials needed. For this simple yet cool science project, you will need a paper plate, some Q-tips, a cup of milk, some liquid soap and some food coloring. All of these things you can find and buy in any super market or grocery. What is even better is that these items are very inexpensive and affordable.
  • Start the experiment. First, grab your paper plate and set it on a table. Next, slowly pour the cup of milk on the plate. Make sure not to put too much, otherwise the milk will overflow and spill all over your table. Next, grab your food coloring supplies. Get five colors and place them on the table. Add one drop of each color onto the milk. Stop adding colors once you have added one drop of each of five colors. Afterward, put the liquid soap in a container and place it on the table. Grab one Q-tip and dip its tip in the container with soap. Next, place the tip of the Q-tip that was dipped in the soap on the milk and food coloring mixture. Move the Q-tip around and you will see the mixture start swirling around. Do this until you are bored.
  • Understanding the experiment. Of course, before you show it to the public, you must first try to understand what happened so you can answer all of your audience’s questions. The reason behind this is that soap contains certain chemicals and these chemicals have this effect on other chemicals. This phenomenon has something to do with hydrophobic and hydrophilic. Hydrophobic means molecules are repelled from water while hydrophilic means molecules are attracted to water. Find out more about this phenomenon by doing a more extensive research.
  • Just a few reminders. First of all, you can get any type of milk and any type of soap. The types of milk and soap do not affect the experiment. Also, you can get any size of paper plate. Just make sure to put enough milk on it. Lastly, do not eat or taste the mixture because this could be fatal. It is best to keep it away from children or make sure to supervise them.

By following the steps mentioned above, you can now make a really cool, colorful and eye pleasing science project. All you have to do now is set up a table in your classroom, grab all the materials and perform the science project in front of your classmates and teachers.


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