How To Make a Spring Bulletin Board

So summer has ended, and spring has finally mustered up the courage to say hello. Eventually, winter will come knocking on everyone’s door but before then, it would be a good idea to decorate the classroom a little in accordance to springtime, which is often characterized with growing flowers and splashes of color all across parks and gardens.

One thing you could do to help the children enjoy their time in school a little more and feel the wonders of spring would be to make a spring bulletin board for your classroom. It can take a bit of effort to set up, but is not very difficult at all, and it is worth the effort to elevate the kids’ mood so that they listen better to the lesson and perhaps even try harder on their quizzes—mainly because they will enjoy the fact that the spring bulletin board is set up to have their pictures glued onto springtime flowers, so this is definitely a task worth undertaking. You will not be alone as well; this article will provide a simple set of steps to help guide you in creating your very own spring bulletin board, so all you need to do is read and follow:

  • Gather the necessary materials. Thankfully, most of the items you need will not be too difficult to gather (and will likely be on the school grounds): you need a pair of scissors, a stapler, some yellow construction paper as well as blue butcher paper (measure this one to match your bulletin board), markers (make it black and brown), some textured scrapbook paper (large pieces), and glue. As for the items that will take a little bit of your time to get, you can purchase a flower garland from an arts and crafts store. You will also need a computer with a working printer, which you can probably use in the school grounds if you do not own one.
  • Start with the background and the sign. With your blue butcher paper which should already be measured in hand, simply staple the blue butcher paper to your bulletin board—that will act as your background. To make the sign, just print something out from the computer, how you make the sign will be entirely up to you. You can decorate it with whatever program is in the computer, and use whatever font you like.
  • Get a little creative. Now you can begin making those springtime flowers. Using you scissors, cut out bits from the yellow construction paper to make some flowers and stems (you can color the stems with the brown marker, or just draw the stems in yourself), and using the scrapbook paper, you can cut out shapes of vases. Glue the flowers and the vase onto the bulletin board and you are practically finished. All that is left is for you to hang and staple the flower garland at the top of the bulletin board as a finishing touch.
  • Have the students glue their picture on each the board. If you do not have the pictures of your students, then have them bring a small picture of themselves which you can use to glue onto the bulletin board.

With all of that done, simply add a picture of yourself to the spring bulletin board, and you are finished! You do not have to only make this during spring either, it can be any season—you just need a little imagination.


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