How To Make an Anemometer for Kids

An anemometer is an instrument used for measuring the wind’s speed. It is a device used on weather stations. There are different types of anemometer such as cup anemometers, windmill anemometers, hot-wire anemometers, sonic anemometers, ping pong ball anemometers, pressure anemometers, plate anemometers and tube anemometers. Anemometers on weather stations cost a lot. If your child has a project at school and was asked to make an anemometer, you can help him in making one using materials that you can find at home. Make sure to look thoroughly all over the house for materials that you can use so that you don’t have to spend money for this project. The materials that you will need are five Styrofoam or paper cups, paper punch, pin, stapler, scissors and pencil with eraser. To make an anemometer for kids, follow the steps below:

  • Using your paper punch, punch a hole about ½ inch below the rim of one Styrofoam or paper cup. Do this on the other three cups.
  • Get the last cap and punch four holes about ¼ inch below the rim. Make sure that the holes for this cap have equal spaces from each other. Punch a hole at the bottom of the cup. Make sure that it’s placed in the center.
  • Get the straw and insert through the hole of one cup, which only has one hole. Fold the end of the straw and using the stapler, attach it on one side of the cup, which is across the hole. Do the same steps with another cup that has one hole.
  • Get one of the cup and straw you assembled and insert the other end of the straw through the holes of the four holed cup that are opposite each other. Do the same on the other straw and cup you assembled. You need to insert it on the remaining opposite holes.
  • Get one cup and insert one end of the straw through the hole. Make sure that sides of the cups that have the rim are facing the same direction. Fold the end of the straw and using the stapler, attach it on one side of the cup that is across the hole. Do the same on the last cup.
  • Insert the end of the pencil that has the eraser through the hole at the bottom of the cup and push all the way until you reach the center of the intersected straws.
  • Push a pin on top of the center of the straw, pushing through the eraser of the pencil. However, do not push the pin too tight because this will serve as the axis of your anemometer. It needs to have a little space so the cups can move when blown by the wind.
  • You can now put the anemometer in an open area like your garden, so you can test the anemometer with your kids.

You can determine the velocity of wind using the anemometer you made. You can also teach your kids on how to calculate velocity so that they can try it on their own. To determine the velocity of the wind, count how many full turns does the anemometer makes in one minute or the revolution per minute. The rotating cups will produce a circle which circumference you need to get. Multiply revolution per minute with the circumference and you will get the velocity of the wind.


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