How To Make Graduation Announcements

Graduation day

Graduation is one of the happiest occasions in anyone’s life. Whether it is graduation from elementary, high school or college, this is an event that you look forward to as you wind up your last year in school. Hence it is normal that you want other people to know that you are capping the long years you have spent in school by receiving your diploma during the graduation ceremonies. Of course, the best way to let them know about your accomplishment is by making and sending graduation announcements. As ready to use announcements are quite expensive, it will be better if you craft your own graduation announcements and make the cards more personalized.

To make graduation announcements, here are the steps:

  1. For the materials, you will need: computer, printer, stamps, envelopes, list of names and addresses, pencil, paper, blank cards, sticker seals, scissors, glue, buttons, sequins, glitters or anything that you want to use in decorating the cards.
  2. Plan how many people you want to send the announcements to. Include only those who are really close to you like relatives and long time friends.
  3. Take a trip to a nearby office supply store and purchase blank cards. Pick those that are not too elaborately designed so you can still tweak on the materials and add some more highlights.
  4. Buy hip and trendy sticker seals, envelopes and other materials you need for the announcements.
  5. With pencil and paper, make a rough sketch of your design. Use colors if necessary so you can visualize the actual outcome of the finished work.
  6. Execute your design with your computer using a word processing or adobe illustrator program. There are sample announcements available in the Internet or in the computer program you are using. Take a look at these samples and see what ideas you can apply on your announcements.
  7. Indicate the measurements of your card. Type the text of your announcements and be sure not to miss out any detail such as your name, degree course, date, and the date, place and time of your graduation.
  8. Make a test print on an ordinary paper to see how the lay out has turned out. Proofread, examine the details and see if there are still more room for improvement. Is the color attractive enough, or is it glary? Are the text details complete? Check everything very carefully because once you run your announcement on final print, mistakes will be hard to correct and re-running them all over again will be wasteful.
  9. Print the final lay out. Meanwhile, prepare the materials you need to adorn the announcements. This is optional. If you want to give your announcements a cuter look, you may attach glitters and other decorative stuff using a well-adhering glue.
  10. Address each envelope using the printer or your own handwriting. Slip each card inside individual envelopes. Attach the sticker sealer in front of the envelope and the stamps on the upper left hand corner at the back. 

In sending your graduation announcements, make sure you send them way ahead of your graduation date to give people time to respond to your announcement. Don’t forget to give your return address too, so they know where to send their gifts and messages.


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